Boring lunch is hitting the spot + two countdowns + I passed!

I have shared about not having much of an appetite (unless it’s pie…), so I kept lunch super boring this week and it is SO good. Cauliflower rice and teriyaki ground turkey. That’s it! So plain, but it is delicious. I’ve been adding different kinds of chips to the side and it makes the perfect lunch. I love these puffs from Lesser Evil.

I have two exciting countdowns currently on my mind. The first is to Christmas break – only 9 days left until a whole month off from work. I’m so excited. The second countdown is even more exciting – baby boy will be here in 2 months and 17 days (ish). I can’t believe it! Due to how my maternity leave falls, once my December courses are over, I won’t teach again until mid-March. This way, I will get four weeks completely off after baby boy is born. I know it’s not a ton of time, but with working from home and having an amazing support system, I think it’ll work. You know I will share all about this experience – the good and the bad – so stay tuned!

We have been working to reorganize bedrooms as we get ready for baby boy’s arrival. Rhea likes to find small spaces and plop down in them.

I had my last monthly appointment; we started bi-weekly appointments from here until we switch to once a week. I had my glucose test this day, too. I didn’t get results for 24 hours, but I was praying I wouldn’t have to come back and do the three hour test.

Dinner Monday night was garlic toast, broccoli, and salmon. My salmon tasted and smelled weird, so I threw it out. Not sure if it was a pregnancy thing or not, but Jake said it definitely smelled different than his. I wasn’t taking any chances! I had a piece of leftover pizza later in the evening, so it all worked out.

Here is how we ended up organizing the living room now that we moved the TV. I LOVE this set-up so much. It feels much homier. We used our entertainment center as a sofa table and it works great.

This was the old set-up of our living room. It worked, but just didn’t feel very cozy. This was after we did ALL kinds of remodeling…ripping up carpet, scraping the popcorn ceiling, painting, drywall work, etc…you name it, we have probably done it. HA!

Here’s the living room when we bought our house. It looks completely different now.

Breakfast after the gym Tuesday morning – quiche, Kefir yogurt, and coffee.

New shoe day isn’t quite as exciting when you aren’t running, but I am loving the new Torin Luxe. They’re slightly more cushioned than the Torin, which is what I have been running road in for over five years now.

Lunch was more cauli rice and teriyaki turkey plus some spicy lentil chips on the side.

I passed my glucose test! Which I am so thankful about. I had heard horror stories about the three hour test, so I was praying I wouldn’t have to do that one. If you had GD with your pregnancy or survived the three hour test, you are my hero!!

We have been trying to figure out why Jake had the terrible pain he had at mile 25 of two hundreds. His wonderful coach suggested he get in to see his own PT, Derek, at Rise Physical Therapy in Fayetteville. I joined Jake for the trip after one of my meetings for the day got canceled. I’m so glad I was able to go!

Derek is AMAZING and spent almost two hours working with my favorite ultra runner. We think the pain is nerve-based, so we now have plan to fix it. I was so impressed with everything Derek did and talked to us about. I’d love to work with him, too, once I’m back in the running saddle. It was totally worth the two hour drive and we will be back for sure. Jake goes back in January to monitor progress. Keeping our fingers crossed we found the issue! If you’re close to Fayetteville or don’t mind driving a little bit to get high-quality care, Jake and I both cannot say enough good things about Derek.

I was pretty car sick after our road trip to AR, so when we got home, I made a super quick dinner of sloppy Joes and then crawled into bed and immediately passed out. I was so worn out!

I got to cuddle my friend, Paige’s, adorable six week old little girl this morning. She is absolutely precious. Baby boy kept kicking her through my belly. I think he’s ready for some play dates with this cutie!

I added Wheat Thins to today’s cauliflower rice and teriyaki turkey combo….I then proceeded to eat the rest of the box of Wheat Thins…whoops!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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