Trying to nap while I can + a fun workshop + 29 weeks!

I am trying to take naps when I am tired right now. I am not a good napper – I usually wake up cranky, but naps have felt SO amazing lately, maybe because I actually need them? Lu loves joining me for naps no matter when they happen.

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Dinner Wednesday night was brussels cooked in olive oil, honey, and balsamic vinegar (my favorite), a turkey burger, and chips and salsa.

I got so many messages like this when I shared the adorable picture of my friend, Paige’s, baby! Sorry for making anyone think we had had our baby, HA! This sweet nugget is Sloane and she is absolutely perfection. Baby Bradley still has two more months before his debut.

When your 13 pound pup thinks the bed is just for her…Lu loves to sprawl out in the middle of our bed, then get super mad at us when we move her. I think we left her in this spot for a little bit. At least she left the pillows alone…that doesn’t usually happen.

The bump and I are still modifying like crazy at the gym, but it feels good to be going, which I’m thankful for. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep going. Eventually, when we get our home gym set-up, I’ll use that every day, but I love the people at the gym so much, so I know I’m going to miss them. I may try to keep going through December before using our stuff at home after that…we’ll see how things feel.

Lunch was the last of my teriyaki turkey and cauliflower rice, plus some Paleo puffs on the side. SO good.

I wanted a blended coffee, but thought I’d try making it at home. It definitely wasn’t as good as from a coffee shop and I failed at pouring it without making a mess, but it was tasty! This has decaf coffee, ice, oat milk, brown sugar, and chocolate chips.

Bigger cup – much better. Whipped cream and a few more chocolate chips for good measure.

I have successfully brainwashed my niece ; ). Eleanor calls me Kelksea or Kelsea and I love it. I’ve been telling her we were best friends since she was born.

Dinner last night was spaghetti squash casserole and garlic toast. YUM.

Jake has been busting out projects every night. While I was gone last night, he finished installing a small section of flooring in our dining room and cut new trim to fit around our sliding glass door. He plans to start ripping out two of our three bathrooms next week…pray for us, ha!

Another night of Lu stealing my spot. I pulled back my sheets and went to brush my teeth then came back to this. Lu had taken over my spot.

My friend, Cassie, who owns Ozark Mtn Flower Truck, hosted the most fun wreath making workshop last night. Y’all, making wreaths is difficult! Here’s mine – it was hard to get a picture of the whole thing. I love that Cass had dried lemon, orange, and grapefruit slices to add to the wreaths. Follow Ozark Mtn Flower Truck on Instagram or Facebook to see the other events. They always host the coolest things!

Baby boy is 29 weeks today! 11 weeks to go. He is the size of Mr. Potato Head…these comparisons always make me laugh. I am starting to feel the need to rest more often and slow down a little. My carpal tunnel is pretty terrible – my OB wants me to start some physical therapy for it, so I need to look into that. My entire right hand is numb as I try to type this. BUT, I have no complaints and we cannot wait to meet this sweet guy.

We have TWO baby showers this weekend – I am SO excited. I don’t know how we got so lucky with so many amazing people in our lives, but we feel so, so blessed. I cannot wait to see everyone and shower Baby Bradley with love.

Happy Friday, friends!

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