Lacking motivation + bathroom demo has begun + 31 weeks – single digit countdown!

I submitted my final grades on Wednesday, so I am officially on winter break! I usually celebrate with a beer, but at 31 weeks pregnant, monster cookies and sweats on the couch took its place. I gotta say, it wasn’t the worst way to celebrate! I have a whole month off, which I hope will help with my lacking motivation to accomplish things around the house. I need that motivation to come back so I can knock out some things before baby boy is here, HA!

Things are still hit and miss with food right now, so dinner Wednesday night was some tri-tip and a biscuit. I was able to eat about half of that bowl of meat. Jake polished off the rest for me.

I finally found some motivation to decorate our Christmas tree, so I did that Wednesday night after dinner while I waited for Jake to get home because he worked late.

Eleanor, our niece, sends us selfies (my sister takes them) and gets so excited when we send ones back to her. We sent her this one and my sister said she kept saying “”oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Haha! She cracks us up. Jake ended up working through the night Wednesday night, so he came home and ate dinner then got called back out to work. I know I have said this before, but I do not know how he works through tonight. He is so much tougher than I am.

I went to the gym Thursday morning, then came home and answered a couple of emails before lounging on the couch. I have a feeling our next few months are going to look a lot like this. I don’t think Lu seems to care.

Since Jake worked through the night, he was home all day Thursday which was so nice. I told him I was having a hard time motivating myself to go on walks, so he joined me for a family walk around the neighborhood. Family walks are the best walks.

Our bathroom demo has officially begun. This is the wall between the two bathrooms that we will be moving. Jake worked on getting everything out of the bathrooms that he could carry on his own and then he knocked out this wall. Jake ended up working a ton the past two weeks, so we are a little bit behind on where we wanted to be, but we are letting go of our timeline of these bathrooms. We have another fully functional bathroom, so we are thankful for that. These will get done when we are able to finish them, and if they are not finished by the time baby boy gets here, it is not the end of the world. We already planned on not having the master completely finished because it will be the most expensive, so our focus is on the hallway bathroom. Jake and I are both control freaks, so being able to let this go is huge for us. I think we are both working on letting things go that are out of our control so we are better at it once the baby is here. I can’t wait to share our progress with you!

Someone shared this in one of my February baby groups on Facebook and I have never felt more seen. I get so winded doing the smallest of activities. Putting on clothes and shoes right now definitely feels like a workout.

This girl is such a goof. She was standing on the bench at the end of our bed, just staring at me. She eventually got up to cuddle with us, but she stood like this for a long time. She’s always resting her head on something.

3/4 of my heart! Don’t worry, Cooper, there’s still room for you to cuddle with us when you get here. <3

We are 31 weeks today! I can’t believe we are in the single digit countdown…SO crazy. I am getting so dang excited to see what he looks like and to finally meet him.

The sweet girls from my gym are throwing me a shower after our workout today. They are so thoughtful and I am excited to spend some time with everyone while we aren’t lifting weights and sweating, HA! It is going to be such a fun morning!

Happy Friday, friends!

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