My stocking vision + annual Christmas lights walk + bathroom update!

I had a very specific vision for our Christmas stockings, so I searched forever for some iron on patches to use on our new burlap stockings. I finally found this shop on Etsy and they had exactly what I was looking for. I got the 7 cm patches and they fit perfectly on our stockings. I ordered some in red and some in the dark green. I love the gold border around them. The shop is called Ameliaa94Boutique. The shop is located in the United Kingdom, so shipping took almost a month, but the patches were worth the wait.

Since Cooper’s name starts with a C, like mine, I ordered an M for Mom and a D for Dad. I also got letters for Lulu and Rhea’s stockings. My only complaint is that the iron on option did not work, so I ended up hot gluing these. They turned out great!

Y’all, all I want to eat right now are fruit smoothies or cheese and carbs. I had a wild berry smoothie and then a cheese rollup plus some nothings with melted cheese on top. No other food sounds good.

This is my view while cooking dinner most nights. Lu standing up and kind of falling asleep with Rhea sprawled out on the floor. Both staring at me.

Monday night, I met my running girlfriends for our annual Christmas lights walk. It was so fun to walk around and look at all the Christmas lights. Last year we did a run, so I am thankful the girls were willing to walk with me this year. Kayla requested a picture of us looking tough and this is what she got…HA! We definitely are not intimidating.

Tuesday after the gym, I had another fruit smoothie plus a sandwich on the side.

Jake has been working so hard on our bathrooms. Here are some pictures of what they currently look like. This is our master bathroom, but that framing that you see to the left will move in a little bit so we can make the hallway bathroom into a full bath.

This is where the vanity will go in our master. We are also going to make that pocket door opening bigger.

This is where our walk-in shower will go.

This is where the toilet will go.

This view is from the hallway looking into the hall bath. This bathroom was just a half bath, so we are converting it into a full.

That back wall will be moved back further, so in this space we will put the vanity and the toilet next to it.

The tub and shower combo will go in this area. I cannot wait to see how these turn out.

Jake picked up standby starting tonight until he goes back to work on Monday, so we snuck in a little date night last night just in case he works a lot over Christmas. I am praying that he doesn’t! I took a shower, which wore me out, haha, so Lu and I rested in the recliner before Jake and I went to dinner. This third trimester exhaustion is no joke!

We grabbed dinner at Cesar’s and then came home to watch a Christmas movie. We are both trying to soak up all our one-on-one time together while we can.

I have been doing physical therapy for my carpal tunnel, I thought it was helping, but I had a really bad night last night and the night before. My hand is still completely numb and kind of feels like it’s on fire. It’s so strange! My OB suggested seeing an occupational therapist, so I called this morning and someone was able to squeeze me in today. I am beyond thankful. I have zero complaints about this pregnancy other than this thing carpal tunnel. It makes it really hard to function when you can only use one of your hands. I am really hoping that this occupational therapist can help me find some relief today.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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