Balance + we have a wall! + a nap a day…

I am still loving fruity smoothies, so I had a mango pineapple spinach smoothie for lunch with some chips on the side for lunch Monday. It’s all about balance! Chips have always been my weakness.

I skipped the gym on Monday, so the girls and I headed out for a stroll through the neighborhood.

Lu passed out on the rug in our bathroom the second we got back from our walk. I guess she was worn out.

After our walk and finishing up some things around the house, I laid down on the couch for a short nap. Lu was more than happy to join. I’m trying to soak up all my downtime right now and take naps when I can.

I feel like my belly is getting bigger every single day. Baby boy is definitely growing! I still can’t believe we are about 7ish weeks away from meeting him!

We had dinner at Jake’s grandma’s house to celebrate his dad’s birthday Monday night. We had delicious lasagna, salad, and bread. His grandma also sent us home with some peanut clusters and cookies and I cannot stop eating the peanut clusters. They are so dang good.

Here are some bathroom pictures, but it already looks different than when I took these yesterday, HA. Jake and his dad finished framing the wall last night. Everything is really starting to come together. We bought the tile, the shower/tub, the light fixtures, and the faucet. We also have the toilets picked out for both and we’ll pick them up later this week.

Lunch yesterday was a heated up deli sandwich (I cannot wait to have a cold deli sandwich), chips, and orange juice. This meal hit the spot.

I worked on taking down most of our Christmas decorations yesterday, so that took a couple of hours. We are leaving our tree up until after the New Year, but everything else has been put away. It is so crazy to think that the next time I get those decorations out baby boy will be 10 months old! When I finished with some things around the house, Lu and I took a nap. She was very excited.

We had a check yesterday to see how little man is doing. I was 32 weeks and four days and he is measuring right where he should with a heart rate of 130.

Jake and his dad worked on our bathrooms a little bit more last night. SO thankful for any and all help we get on these projects! Our bathrooms are really coming along! I made tacos for us to eat for dinner when they finished working.

As soon as Jake leaves for work in the mornings, Rhea jumps into his spot, pillows and all, and waits for me to get out of bed. This is what I woke up to this morning. At one point, she had her nose resting against mine. She makes us laugh everyday.

I haven’t gone to the gym yet this week, but I am going today. I will stop going mid-January, so I’m going to try to go once or twice a week until that point. I know I need to keep moving, so I am going to try to either get to the gym, walk, or do my own short workouts here at home when I stop going to the gym. I am losing motivation to do much!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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