I went to the gym…once + some fun bathroom updates + 33 weeks!

I finally made it to the gym! One day this week. Better than nothing! I enjoyed some Malt-O Meal on my drive. Anyone else love Malt-O Meal? I add brown sugar to mine and it’s so delicious.

I’ve been trying to document as much as I can about this pregnancy. I sent these pictures to my mom and sister and my sister couldn’t believe how low baby boy is. I feel like he’s been low the entire pregnancy, but she’s definitely right – I don’t know that he has anywhere to go when he officially ‘drops’. Moms – what do you think? Is he already pretty low?

This is how Rhea woke me up Thursday morning…she loves to cuddle early in the morning.

I did some fun nails, which I can stare at while I lounge on the couch in sweats NYE. HA! I usually go pretty basic nails, but decided to do something a little more fun. I love them! They’re a light pink with gold flakes.

We are getting into the fun part of remodeling – choosing what goes back into each room! We chose this tile for the hallway bath, which I love. We also picked out a toilet for both the hall bath and the master bath. We got chair height toilets, which will be really nice when we are sore from hard training runs or leg day since they sit higher.

Here is the vanity we went with for the hallway bath. We will change out the cabinet pulls to the brushed gold option that came with the vanity.

Here is some of what we have for the hall bath so far – a mirror, floor tile, and the vanity. Jake is really making some good progress on that bathroom!

We had a movie date night on the couch last night. I made smoothies and some tortilla chips with melted cheese for dinner. We watched Operation Christmas Drop on Netflix – it was a super cute flick.

Cooper is 33 weeks today! He weighs a little over 4 pounds. His movements are definitely getting sharper than they used to be. He had a couple movements yesterday that were painful, but all movements make me smile. I love being able to poke him and him push back. I can’t believe we only have 7ish weeks left. We are so ready to meet you, little one!

Happy Friday and last day of 2021, friends! I hope your NYE celebration is wonderful – we are not doing anything and I could not be more excited to relax on the couch with Jake and our girls. Bring on 2022 – we are ready!

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