Weekend Wrap-up: Our NYE + Mug Club brunch + snow!

Happy 2022! I still cannot believe that it is January and it is a new year. We had a wonderful weekend, so let’s recap. Friday morning started with a walk with some of my gal pals followed by coffee and delicious bakery treats.

After our walk, I came home to take a nap. I have been napping just about every day, which I’m thankful for, but it has definitely messed up my sleep schedule. I’m having trouble falling asleep at night and then sleeping in super late in the morning. I miss my regular schedule of getting up early, so I might try to slowly get back onto that scheduled this week…I know I won’t have much of a schedule once baby boy gets here. We will see how things go! I’m grateful to still be sleeping pretty decently at night at this point.

We did not have any crazy plans for New Year’s Eve, so we ran to the store when Jake finished golfing and grabbed all this deliciousness. Jake grilled steaks and jalapeño poppers, and we had one of my favorite pasta salad on the side. It was the perfect NYE meal.

Our friends, Kayla and Wade, stopped by for a little bit after we finished dinner, so the four of us just hung out and talked while lounging on the couch. My kind of idea for a New Year’s Eve celebration! Kayla and Wade left around 9:30 PM and Jake and I headed to bed shortly after. We were so sleepy.

Happy 2022! I have a feeling this year is going to be our favorite.

We have been part of Springfield Brewing Company’s Mug Club for the past four years. Each year, on New Year’s Day, the members get a free brunch. We love this tradition. This year was extra fun because we surprised both of our dads with Mug Club memberships for Christmas, so our families joined us for the brunch.

I love that we all get to do this together! And no, I didn’t drink any beer out of my mug. My mom used mine, but I wanted it for this picture.

I sure do love doing life with you.

And I can’t wait for us to embarrass our son once he is here.

We had a pretty lazy rest of the day, which I loved. I was craving pancakes later on, so I made some for myself and some for the girls. I love topping pancakes with butter and sugar. I used to do this when I was younger and it is still delicious.

I threw on some of my favorite sweats and Lu and I took another nap. She is always down to cuddle with me during our daily naps.

Jake said he needed to be productive for a little bit, so he finished framing the linen closet in our master bathroom. It is really starting to look like a bathroom and I cannot wait until we get the drywall up.

We had a gift card to the movie theater from last Christmas, so we decided to finally use it. We love movies, but just don’t go see them in the theater very often. I have just about given up on wearing real clothes, so sweats are life right now.

We saw A Journal for Jordan and it was wonderful. I cried most of the movie. I definitely recommend seeing it, just take a lot of tissues with you.

Sunday morning started with a little bit of snow and church.

After church, we grabbed bagels and coffee from Panera and then crawled into bed. It was such a cold day, it was nice to be all snuggled up under blankets. Rhea even loved it, until she decided she wanted to spend the rest of the day outside in the cold. She loves snow.

I am still on my fruity smoothie kick. Jake is loving these right now, too. YUM.

Jake and his dad worked to finish the framing in our bathrooms, so I decided I also needed to do something productive. I put together baby boy’s bassinet. It was way easier to put assemble than I thought…it maybe took me 10 minutes. Ha! But it is now put together and ready for his arrival!

We celebrated Jake’s cousin’s birthday last night and then watched the finale of Yellowstone with his parents. We have our 3-D/4D ultrasound today and I cannot wait! We have not seen baby boy since 24 weeks and I am almost 34 weeks now, so I know he is going to have changed so much. I will share pictures on Wednesday!

Happy Monday, friends!

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