Weekend Wrap-up: complete with plumbing fun + gray hair + I love this tub!

Rewinding to Friday, I chowed down on breakfast on the way to my occupational therapy appointment.

Baby boy is growing like crazy! It blows my mind to think he will be here next month.

Jake and I swear by these cold and flu shots from Mama Jeans. I checked the ingredients and everything is safe for me to take while pregnant, which I was super thankful for. We usually buy 3-4 a piece at a time so we can take one every day. They have lots of good things in them and they help protect you against all the germs we are currently dealing with. They have oregano oil, olive leaf oil, turmeric, and ginger. I think there are a few other ingredients, but those are the main ones.

While Jake and our friend, Chris, worked on plumbing on Saturday, the only productive thing I did was sterilize all of our bottles. One more thing knocked out to help us get ready for baby boy’s arrival!

I also did a foot mask while watching The Office, which was super relaxing.

Jake and I had a little date at Brew Co. Saturday night. I had their mac & cheese topped with fried cauliflower. It was delicious, but I was only able to eat a couple of bites. I get full so quickly right now.

After dinner, we sat in the dining room and planned out some more things for our bathrooms. Rhea was unimpressed with us and sprawled out like this.

While getting ready for bed Saturday night, I found my first gray hair. I’m sure I have had others and just haven’t seen them in the crazy mop that is my hair, but I’m counting this as my first. Jake has a lot of gray in his beard, so he was unimpressed with my find. He blames his gray hair on me…he’s probably not wrong.

There was no mistaking this hair for gray. It was crazy long, too.

Sunday morning started with church followed by breakfast. I am still wanting all the carbs and couldn’t decide between a waffle and a biscuit, so I had both. It was delicious. Plus, I had this cute breakfast date.

After breakfast, we went to Lowe’s to make some final decisions about our bathrooms. These are the colors we are thinking for our master. I cannot wait to see everything come together.

I am still loving fruit smoothies. This is also one of the only ways I am getting vegetables in right now, but it works. I made smoothies for us for lunch yesterday and they were delicious.

The guys got our tub all set in the spot where it will stay in the hallway bath. I am so excited for all the soaks in this tub. It is huge and super deep, and I already know I am going to use this all the time.

Jake still needs to finish building the wall between the bathrooms and then we will start on drywall stuff. He is making really good progress, but we still have quite a ways to go.

Jake is always ripping up something in our house. HA! The room he is laying in will eventually be my office one day.

This is my last week off from work, so I am going to enjoy the time off while also slowly getting myself back into the rhythm of working. My back has been sore the past few days, so I am headed to the chiropractor here in a little bit. I also have another prenatal massage later this week and I am so excited for that.

Happy Monday, friends!

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