Thank you for 100,000! + this date excites me + 35 weeks!

I don’t even know where to begin – THANK YOU! I got an email saying my blog hit 100k views. Wow. Thank you for being here, thank you for following along, and thank you for being part of our family. We love you! <3

This is what most mornings look like right now…pajamas and a robe until early afternoon. Quite the change from 4am wake-ups to run, but I’m enjoying this slower time right now.

We put Lu’s bed in front of this door because we don’t use it and she LOVES it. I promise she isn’t being neglected, she just loves to curl up in the corner and snooze.

Stilllllll loving pancakes over here!

I’ve been trying to sit on a ball whenever I’m watching tv in the living room. I don’t know if it’s helping baby flip from his breech position, but it does make my back feel better!

I had my last prenatal massage on Thursday and it was AMAZING. 90-minutes of bliss. My masseuse said there was a night and day difference in how tight my back and hips are from the last time I saw her. I told her it’s probably because I stopped going to the gym and walking. I’ve GOT to get back to walking more often. If, for nothing else, to help loosen things back up.

I grabbed this book from the library and it is SO good. I could easily read the entire thing in one sitting. I had an appointment with my OB yesterday, so I took my book with me since you never know when she’ll get called out for a delivery. Everything went great at my appointment and I was informed we start weekly checks with her in one more week, AND we start weekly ultrasounds next week. SO crazy! Baby boy is still breech, so we have one more week before we decide what we want to try. I am good with however he comes into the world, so I’m not stressed about it. We just want a healthy babe!

Gnocchi is hands-down my favorite pasta. We had some last night for dinner and it was outstanding. Gnocchi, meat sauce, mushrooms, cheese, and garlic bread. YUM.

Cooper’s due date is 2/18/22. Our OJ had that date on it and it made me smile so big. I know a due date isn’t a guarantee, and we might end up having a c-section, which could happen earlier, but any time I see that date, I smile.

Our Christmas tree is still up! I think I’ll leave it through the weekend and then take it down. I just don’t want to yet! It’s still so pretty and isn’t dropping any needles. We are going through lots of OJ right now – anything to stay healthy!

Cooper was kicking like crazy last night. Sometimes I just sit and watch my belly move. I know I am going to miss feeling his every move, so I’m trying to soak in every second right now.

I still cannot believe baby boy is 35 weeks today! Only 4-5ish more weeks until he’s here. We are SO excited to meet you, little one!

I was supposed to have my last baby shower tomorrow, but with all the sickness going around right now and the bad weather we are supposed to get, we decided it was best to cancel it. I am sad not to get to see everyone, but I know it’s for the best. I feel like everyone I know is sick right now. I hate it! If you or someone you love is battling sickness, please know I am sending you and/or them all the healing vibes. I’m so ready to squeeze my people again! Stay safe out there. <3

Happy Friday, friends!

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