Weekend Wrap-up: Complete with canceled shower + a nursing cart + snow day!

Our weekends right now are full of bathroom remodeling and getting ready for baby boy, so I feel like they fly by. I was supposed to have my last baby shower on Saturday, but we canceled it due to all the germs out there right now and the bad weather we got this weekend. I was sad not to be able to see everyone, but it was definitely for the best that we canceled. Saturday morning started with some pancakes.

My sister-in-law brought over some of the delicious desserts she and my mother-in-law had gotten for the shower as well as some presents. How adorable are these cookies? They taste as good as they look.

My mother-in-law picked out that adorable outfit in the middle and those pineapple swim trunks. I love them both so much. Chelsea, my sister-in-law, got Cooper some Vans and she has a matching set of one of them. I know he is going to love matching with her. It’s all SO cute!

Another desert they had gotten for the shower was my all-time favorite cake, banana cake, which is from St. Michael’s here in town. My high school cross country coach and his wife own the restaurant and this is literally the best cake you will ever have in your entire life. I ate half of this container on Saturday…this is the same cake we had at our wedding. It. Is. The. Best.

I managed to be slightly productive in the nursery this weekend. I finally started opening things and putting them away, and I also started working on my nursing cart. I saw this idea on Instagram in multiple places, so thought I would give it a try. You get a three-tiered cart with wheels and put all kinds of stuff on each level. One level has diaper stuff, one level has nursing stuff, and another level has miscellaneous things that you will use often. Here is the beginning of mine. I will share specifics once I get it all finished.

Here is everything loaded onto the cart.

Jake spent all day Saturday working in our bathrooms. He and our friend, Chris, who is a plumber finished all of the plumbing Sunday evening! They made so much progress and were able to get a lot finished. As of right now, if everything stays on track, and Cooper does not decide to make his entrance into the world early, our hallway bath will be finished before he is here. I am not sure if things will align that way, but we are definitely getting closer! We were both feeling lazy Saturday night, so we started a new show on Netflix called Money Heist and Jake picked up pizza and Parmesan bites. Domino’s has the most delicious Parmesan bites and I get them anytime I order their pizza. I also had a little protein shake with some powdered greens because other than the mushrooms on the pizza, I have not had any vegetables that day. Whoops.

My sister sent me some adorable pictures that Eleanor had drawn in her journal, which she calls her “tournal”. She was drawing Cooper. I think these portraits turned out very well. HA!

Jake and I headed to Church Sunday morning, then grabbed brunch before heading to Home Depot. That is what our Sundays have consisted of lately… Does that mean we are ready to be parents? Ha! On our way home, we pulled into the park for some snowy pictures since it was so pretty out. I’m amazed I was able to jump this high.

Baby boy’s second snow!

I *think* we’re ready for this next adventure…I know I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side!

I couldn’t sleep the other night, so I made a list of all the things we need to accomplish before the baby is here. One of those things was cleaning out our freezer. I took everything out, wiped it down, and then reorganized it. It felt so good to do this. We are also looking for a deep-freeze because I wanted to get some meals prepped and frozen for us. I’m kind of surprised that we don’t already have a deep-freeze. I know we would get our money out of it for sure!

We had another porch drop off of some adorable gifts from the baby shower. You can’t really see all of the goodness in that cute container, but these clothes are so precious. We are so spoiled by all the amazing people we have in our lives.

Jake and Chris finished the plumbing on Sunday, and Jake requested Chinese while we watched the Chiefs game. My Chinese food life hack to make me feel a little healthier is to add a side of broccoli to my order. It helps!

This little one was stinky last night, so she got a bath. She was not happy with me about this. She then snoozed through the Chiefs game.

Even know I am almost 9 months pregnant, it still doesn’t feel real. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that we will have a baby here with us anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. Other than staying up way too late at night and sleeping in too late in the mornings, I am still sleeping really well which I am SO thankful for. Aaaand other than getting up to use the restroom 3 to 5 times a night, I am still sleeping through the night.

I woke up to this precious face staring at me.

I officially go back to work tomorrow after having had more than a month off, but I will not teach classes again until the middle of March. Other than attending meetings, responding to emails, and trying to work ahead, I don’t have a ton to do before baby boy is here. All three of my spring classes are already set up and ready to go, which takes a lot of stress off!

Happy Monday, friends!

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