Banana cake obsession + almost 9 months + beautiful plumbing

It may not look like a good combination, but pancakes and smoothies surprisingly go very well together. I am still not loving vegetables, so having a smoothie with some spinach thrown in helps a little bit.

I told Jake his meal was much prettier than mine. He is definitely eating the rainbow while I am stuck with brown food. HA! We had turkey teriyaki bowls, which I did throw over cauliflower rice, so I got some vegetables in. The bowl was delicious and I used salt and pepper chips to scoop up my bites.

The banana cake obsession is still very real over here. We polished off one container and have started on the second. If you missed it, this banana cake is from my baby shower we canceled last weekend. It comes from a local restaurant here in town called St. Michael’s, which my high school cross country coach and his wife own. It is the best cake in the entire world. You can get it by the slice at the restaurant or the Price Cutter on Battlefield. Go get some. You can thank me later.

Nothing sounded good to prep for myself for breakfast this week, so when I saw these in the freezer section at Mama Jean’s, I snagged them. Waffle sliders with sausage and egg. They are pretty good! They could use a slice of cheese, so I might add one today and see how that goes.

My carpal tunnel has bothered me a little bit more than usual the past two mornings, so I have gotten out of bed around 5:30/6 AM versus my recent normal of 8/8:30. Even though I don’t love the carpal tunnel, I am thankful it has been getting me out of bed a little bit earlier. I am more of a morning person and feel groggy most of the day if I sleep in too late. I need to just remember this and make myself get up. Since we got up early, after knocking out a bunch of errands and a couple things around the house, we crawled into bed for a nap. Rhea slept like this for about 30 minutes. Her little smooshed nose made me smile.

These are some of our favorite chips. They’re salt and pepper and the flavor is amazing. I had some leftover teriyaki turkey and cauliflower rice with cheese and chips on the side for lunch yesterday. Look at me…eating vegetables!

I cannot believe I will be 9 months pregnant this week! Time has flown by AND gone by so slowly all at the same time. I’ve been trying to take lots of pictures to document everything. I don’t want to forget how special this pregnancy has been.

Here’s a little bathroom update…something we’re super excited about is that the door no longer opens up into our hallway. Jake and his dad got the door out without damaging the walls at all, which we are so thankful for. The door now opens into the bathroom, which was our plan all along. YAY! Jake wants to do some mud work around the door before putting the trim back up, and then I will paint the door once we are finished with the bathrooms so they don’t get nicked while we finish moving things in. It feels so good to have that project almost knocked out.

I have always taken plumbing for granted, but no longer. The guys finished the plumbing in both bathrooms this weekend and it is so beautiful. Here is the area that will be our master shower. We will be redoing that window, so we have two different window companies coming this week to give us quotes.

I cannot wait for my first soak in this tub.

Jake headed back to work shortly after getting home from work yesterday, so the girls and I had a lazy night. We had leftovers for dinner and watched Everybody Loves Raymond. I made a wrap with turkey and cheese with some tomato soup and Everything Ritz crackers (they’re SO good) on the side. It was delicious.

Well, well, well…more banana cake. Jake and I are both trying to limit ourselves to a few bites each night so we can really savor the cake. I could’ve probably polished off the rest of this bad boy, but I didn’t want to be selfish…

We start weekly ultrasounds today, which I am so excited about. We will go every Wednesday until he decides to make his appearance!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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