Weekend Wrap-up: My first PP race + feeling blah + pup cuddles

I am so so excited about this race. This’ll be my first postpartum race, at least as of now, and it is going to be so much fun. I wanted to do this race last year, but the timing just did not work out. This race is a trail half marathon in Colorado in September. I will be seven months postpartum, so as long as I take things easy and slowly build back my running, I should be ready to run this. I have zero expectations about time; I’m just going to go and enjoy running and being in Colorado!

My all-time favorite smoothie is the Rawkstar smoothie from Mama Jean’s. It’s delicious. We have also been stocking up on cold and flu shots each week to help boost our immune systems. There are so many germs going around right now – we are doing everything we can to stay healthy leading up to baby boy’s entrance into the world. We swear by cold and flu shots – I don’t know exact measurements of ingredients, but they have oregano oil, olive oil leaf oil, turmeric, ginger, and cayenne pepper.

Cereal has made a comeback as a main food group. I have been eating at least one bowl a day for the past two weeks….it’s just so god.

Friday night, we had a date nice at home and made a pizza. I grabbed some frozen dough from Mama Jean’s to try and it was delicious. It was the Cadia brand.

I didn’t mean to make a heart out of the dough, but the pizza sure looked cute.

Saturday morning consisted of sleeping in and this yummu breakfast. We had biscuits, bacon, and an egg, mushroom, and cheese scramble. It was so tasty.

Bacon beggars.

Jake worked on wiring the bathrooms all weekend, so we are just about ready for drywall work, which is crazy. He’s amazing. In addition to cereal, I’m also loving PB&Js right now. I can’t stop eating them.

Another day, another bowl of cereal…

Lu has been stuck to my side more than usual lately. She is also my number one nap buddy. I do not hate the extra cuddles.

I start to feel kind of blah in the evenings. I am not sick with anything and don’t have a fever, but I start to not feel very well at all. It happens just about every night, so I’m assuming it’s pregnancy-related. My sister said she was the same way toward the end of her pregnancy, too. Saturday night, all I wanted was chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl from Panera. We have a Panera really close to our house, so we went there to grab dinner for me. They were out of bread bowls, and I REALLY NEEDED one, so we drove across town to another Panera to get a bread bowl. I couldn’t help it. And it was totally worth it.

Sunday morning, Jake and Rhea headed out for a run, so I made this deliciousness for breakfast. Fried egg sandwiches. These hit the spot.

When Jake finished up his run, we got ready and headed to church.

I am SO thankful for Uggs right now. My feet are swollen and none of my other shoes fit comfortably, so I’ve been living in Uggs or flip flops.

After church, I grabbed groceries for the week then started not feeling great again, so Lu and I crashed on the couch while Jake worked in the bathrooms. I ended up sleeping for a little over two hours, so I must’ve needed the rest. I am soaking up the last few weeks of free time.

I woke up from my nap feeling like a new person, so I knocked out some meal prep for the week. Here are breakfast burritos for Jake.

And his lunches. Chicken salad sandwiches with veggies and a protein ball on the side. I didn’t prep anything for myself because nothing sounds good, so I just plan to eat cereal or a PB&J until something sounds decent.

We watched the Chiefs game last night, but again, nothing sounded good to eat, so I had my leftover bread bowl into cheese. Ha! I am very ready for my regular food cravings to return.

Jake grabbed these non-alcoholic stouts for me the other day at Brown Derby and they’re delicious!! Athletic Brewing makes them and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for an NA option.

Happy Monday, friends!

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