I love this smoothie + multi-tasking + our delivery plans!

Jake is still making crazy good progress on our bathrooms. He and his dad worked to Monday night on the ceiling. Cooper and I tagged along to Lowe’s to get some supplies.

I have shared this pasta before, but it is still some of our favorite. They have all different kinds of shells and you can easily replace any other pasta options with this chickpea pasta. Banza, we love you!

While Jake and his dad worked on Monday night, I made pasta with spaghetti sauce, sweet Italian chicken sausage, mushrooms, cheese, and garlic bread. The guys had this meal when they finished working for the evening. It was pretty delicious.

This is the only comfortable way to sit right now. It’s definitely not ladylike, but I don’t care.

Still stocking up on cold and flu shots from Mama Jean’s! Plus, I treated myself to my favorite smoothie yesterday – the Rawkstar smoothie. YUM.

There’s what’s in the Rawkstar smoothie that I have been addicted to the past few weeks. It’s SO delicious.

Oh look…more cereal…

This little girl found a gap in our fence and has escaped twice. Luckily, she doesn’t wander too far and I actually found her yesterday at our front door. We have had this gap in our fence since we moved in last year, but she has just decided to start escaping. I am so glad she doesn’t actually run away, but it definitely causes me to panic when I don’t see her in the backyard. She is not allowed out on her own anymore until Jake has a chance to fix the fence.

We had our last big appointment with our OB yesterday. Baby boy is still frank breech, and after talking with her about some of our options and our opinions and wishes, we are going to go forward with a C-section. We have three dates in February that we are looking at, so just waiting to hear back from my OB. It is so crazy to think that Cooper could be with us in about three weeks! We know he could still flip on his own, so if that happens, we will revisit our plans. But as of now, we are going forward with the C-section. If you are a C-section mama, I would appreciate any tips that you’d like to share!

One of my colleagues emailed me about a last-minute webinar he was attending last night and asked me if I would also like to Zoom into it. I was interested in the topic, so I signed up for it and listened while I worked on cooking dinner. Multitasking at its finest!

This picture really doesn’t do this meal justice. This is one of our favorites – sweet potato nachos. All you do is slice sweet potatoes and cook them, I cooked them in the Air Fryer last night, then top them with whatever goodness you choose. Last night, we topped ours with barbecue sauce, a little ranch, chicken, and cheese. So delicious.

Lulu has started sleeping right in-between us in bed. She pulls her blanket up from the foot of the bed and makes herself a little nest in-between us. She is definitely living her best life.

We had our second monitoring appointment this morning. Everything is still looking great! I did somehow manage to spill my coffee all over the room I was being monitoring in, so I felt terrible. But other than that, the appointment was wonderful.

How precious are his little nose and mouth? We sure can’t wait to meet you, little one!

I have back-to-back Zoom meetings from 9am-4pm today…such a long time to sit in front of my computer, but I’m so thankful I can do all of that from the comfort of my home office. Keeping my fingers crossed that today flies by!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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