A little bit of a struggle bus + time to deep clean + some of our maternity photos!

This girl sure loves her dad. She will do anything for belly scratches.

These blueberry overnight oats have been delicious this week. I also found some whipped cream in our fridge, so I have been adding that to my morning coffee. So. Good.

I have been on the struggle bus the past two-ish weeks. I am not sleeping great and I just feel kind of blah throughout the day. I figure those feelings are probably going to last until baby boy is here…and after he’s here for awhile. HA! My carpal tunnel is getting worse each day, which makes sense as we get closer to delivery. PRAYING it goes away once he’s out. I want to deep clean our house before our C-section, so I made this chart to help me keep track of what all needs to be done. I’m going to start cleaning on Monday, so that I can knock out one to two things each day so I won’t be so daunting all at once. The nerd in me loves this chart.

How gorgeous is this blanket? Our good friend, Stacey, knit it for baby boy and I know he is going to cherish it. Thank you, Stacey! It is beautiful.

We woke up to lots of snow Thursday morning, so we lounged in bed and enjoyed the view.

Rhea loves to press her face against my belly to cuddle her brother. It always makes me smile when she does this.

Cereal has made a comeback these last few weeks and I look forward to my bowl of deliciousness every day.

I put together a little postpartum basket for our bathroom after talking to some mamas and asking what I will need. This has a peri bottle, lots of heavy duty pads, mesh underwear, wet wipes, Tuck’s pads, and lotion. We other two bathrooms won’t be finished by the time we have the baby, so I will keep using the bathroom in our laundry room, which has worked out great during this bathroom remodel.

Lunch on Thursday was a piece of the Mexican bake casserole with some Spanish rice. Yum.

If there’s snow on the ground, it’s a fight to get this girl inside. I worry about her with how cold it’s been, so I only let her stay outside in 10-20 minute increments. She gets mad any time I force her inside.

Dinner last night was a veggie burger with mayonnaise and cheese and some roasted cauliflower on the side. I was proud of myself for eating some vegetables yesterday. It doesn’t always happen.

Jake and I have been watching Money Heist on Netflix in the evenings. It’s really good! Rhea likes to squeeze herself in-between our coffee table and couch. Jake cuddled her for a little bit which made her day.

We took maternity photos last Saturday with Brandi the owner of BG Studios Photography and she has been sending me teasers all week. She sent me a bunch of our pictures last night and I love them all. I had the hardest time picking my favorites, so here are a bunch of them. We took these at a new venue in Fair Grove called Juniper Gardens. It is such a gorgeous spot. They have a big open area that can be rented out, a changing room that is decorated in the cutest way, bathrooms, a beautiful outdoor fireplace with benches, and 80 acres of the most gorgeous landscape. If you’re looking for a venue for anything, definitely check them out. And if you have been following the blog for a while, you know that Brandi has taken all of our pictures for the past six years. If you need a photographer, look no further. She is absolutely amazing at what she does – they never feel awkward or forced and she always captures the most perfect moments. Here are some of our maternity photos.

I am going to miss this sweet bump.

There’s a beautiful pond on the property at Juniper Gardens, too.

Here is the outdoor fireplace. It’s gorgeous.

This is the second dress I wore, and Brandi, our amazing photographer is still working on editing these images. I will share the second round of photos once I have them. I love these pictures so much and I know we will cherish them forever.

Again, you can find Brandi HERE at BG Studios Photography. We took pictures at Juniper Gardens HERE.

This is the red/maroon dress I wore. I am 5’5″ and currently about 190 pounds. I got a large originally and it was too baggy, so I switched to a medium and that fit perfectly. This dress is SO comfortable but looks so elegant.

This is the black ribbed turtleneck dress I wore. This one is not a maternity dress, but worked perfectly with my bump. I got a large in this one and it fit great. I think since this one is not a maternity dress, sizing up helped.

Baby boy is 38 weeks today! We have about a week and a half left until we get to meet him. I cannot wait!

Happy Friday, friends!

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