Weekend Wrap-up: snow + freezer meals + counting down

I think Rhea wishes the snow would stay around forever. She spent most of last week out in it. She will be sad when it all melts.

I am still going on a nap streak…one a day for the past two or three weeks, ha! I didn’t take a nap Saturday or Sunday and it felt so strange.

Jake worked so hard in our bathrooms all weekend. They’re just about ready for dry wall, which is SO exciting. Once we get the dry wall put up, I think we will feel like things are SO close. Jake has also been working crazy hours, so I feel like all he’s doing right now is working or working on our bathrooms. I hate that I can’t help with the bathrooms more, but once we’re ready to paint, I’ll be there to help! We grabbed dinner from Everyday Thai Friday night. Their pad Thai is my all-time favorite. It’s so amazing. I always get it with tofu. It’s enough for two or three meals, too! Win-win.

We also love their fresh spring rolls. They have the BEST peanut sauce. Ever.

True love is sharing your frozen chocolate cake with your spouse. Mom, the chocolate cake you brought over is now gone…it was incredible.

My carpal tunnel feels like it’s getting worse as we get closer to baby boy’s arrival. My OT gave me some compression sleeves to wear during the day, so I’ve been trying to wear them as often as I can. I think it helps a little bit! Everyone keeps telling me their pregnancy carpal tunnel went away pretty quickly after they delivered, so I’m praying that’s the case for me.

You should’ve seen me trying to get down on the floor, but sometimes you just need to cuddle your furriest baby on the living room floor.

We cuddled in bed Saturday morning. I have been slowly trying to prepare Lu for her brother’s arrival. She will always be my baby, but I won’t be able to carry her around the house after my C-section. I think she is in denial about that…

The first deep cleaning happened this weekend – all the dog toys. They were not happy with me while this was happening.

Jake’s mom got me this gorgeous bracelet – it has Cooper’s birth stone, which is Amethyst and a beautiful family tree charm. I love it! Thank you, Penny! <3

My parents are gifting us their deep freeze when they move in March, which we are so excited about, but I am officially out of room in our freezers. I worked on some more freezer meals on Saturday. I made two quiches to freeze and two big containers of taco pasta. We will eat on one of the taco pastas this week and I froze the other one.

We grabbed dinner from the Bambino’s Saturday night and shared the salad and toasted ravioli. I was craving diet Coke, so I sipped on some from a wine glass.

I am going to use my belly as a shelf until this kid busts out. I am soaking up these last few days with my bump.

Pancakes always sounds good. I slept for 12 hours Saturday night, so didn’t get out of bed on Sunday until almost 10:30 AM. I felt like I had slept most of my morning away, but I guess I needed the sleep.

I think our diaper stash is coming along. These are all from my showers. We are so blessed with the best people. I spent a few minutes yesterday organizing the diapers by size.

Dinner last night was so delicious. On top of that, it was so easy to make. Baked spaghetti squash, Alfredo sauce, and mushroom and chicken sausage links cut into bite-size pieces. While the spaghetti squash was cooking, I cooked the cut up pieces of sausage in a pan. I added the cooked spaghetti squash to that and topped it all with the jar of Alfredo sauce. I let it all simmer together for about 10 minutes and then we chowed down. We also had garlic bread with it. So amazing.

9 days till Cooper is here! The countdown is on! I just had my LAST OB appointment this morning, which is crazy. As of now, we are scheduled to have our C-section at noon on Wednesday, February 16th. So. Crazy.

Happy Monday, friends!

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