The last time x 2 + Rhea is a hot mess + ONE WEEK!

This week has been full of lasts. On Monday, I had my last OB appointment. That was definitely a surreal moment. As I was leaving, the nurse practitioner asked me if I could believe it was our final appointment and I told her I still had not wrapped my head around that fact. I felt emotional walking out to my car knowing the next time I would be in that building I would have a baby with me.

I found some safe to eat raw cookie dough at the grocery store and have never been so happy. Pillsbury makes this and it is outstanding. You can eat it raw or bake it.

The rest of Monday was spent working on my computer and cleaning. I started contacting the students in my three classes that will begin in March. I wanted to let them all know I would be on leave beginning next week. I also started slowly deep cleaning our house this week. It really needs it after these bathroom remodels. Lu laid like this in the kitchen while she patiently waited for me to feed her dinner.

Rhea rolled in something disgusting in our backyard Monday night. I couldn’t even get close to her because the smell was making me gag. Jake took over and got in the shower with her and cleaned her up. He wins husband of the year. Rhea was not happy and Lu was pretty concerned about her. The shower in our laundry room works perfectly for giving dogs a bath.

Rhea also had this massive thorny branch wrapped up super tight in her fur. Jake found it when his leg shoved against it. I don’t know how she gets into these things.

My coworkers Tuesday morning. We usually let Rhea eat her meals outside since that is where she wants to be all the time, but after getting a bath and being super clean, I made her stay in the house most of yesterday. She was refusing to eat her breakfast, so I brought into my office and that seemed to help. Is she slightly spoiled? Yes.

I headed out to run a bunch of errands Tuesday morning. It was my first time driving around with Cooper’s car seat in my car. We put both car seats in our cars Monday evening. Things like that make it feel slightly more real.

I finished up reading my library books and found this one my mom had given me, so I started it while I was waiting on more books from the library. It is pretty good, but I am taking a break from reading it because four of my library books were ready the next day and they have to be returned in a month, so I need to get started reading them.

Here is what I checked out from the library. I am starting with The Husband’s Secret. It’s really good so far!

I knocked out a bunch of cleaning on Tuesday. I vacuumed all of our blinds and dusted the base boards. It felt good to get all of that finished. I’m trying to do one to two things each day so it is not as overwhelming. I just fit each thing in in-between my work schedule, so it is a really good way to break up my day right now. Plus, it is helping the time go by a little faster while we wait for Cooper to be here.

Lunch was a cheese roll-up, chips, and yogurt. I found this chocolate orange yogurt at the grocery store and it is outstanding.

I made a big batch of chili, so we have been eating on that the past two nights. It did not give me heartburn Monday night, but I was miserable all last night and did not sleep very well. I think I need a break from chili until after I have this baby. Pregnancy heartburn is no joke.

Jake worked late last night, so the girls and I crawled into bed around 7 PM. I didn’t take a nap yesterday and I think cleaning make me extra sleepy.

I had another last this morning. My last monitoring appointment. I still can’t believe it. As they were strapping me to these monitors, the nurse mentioned that she thought baby boy had flipped. I told her I hadn’t had any major movements that made me think that, but that I was the first-time mom and didn’t really know anything. HA! Thankfully, I had an ultrasound after this monitoring so we would know for sure. My OB is out of town this week and had mentioned that if baby boy did manage to flip, they would probably induce me because they didn’t want to risk him flipping back. I was a little anxious while waiting for the ultrasound to see if he flipped or not, knowing that if he did, they would want to induce me right away. Talk about 10 minutes of brain overdrive trying to think of everything I’d need to have Jake do if I were to be induced today. HA! Spoiler alert: He had not flipped, so he is still very comfy in his frank breech position. I think he likes to keep me on my toes already.

This is what the monitoring looks like. That little machine behind me monitors baby boy’s heart rate and whether or not I am having contractions. They want to see two accelerations of his heart rate within 20 to 40 minutes. He has always managed to reach that, so I am not sure what they do if he doesn’t. One morning he was sleeping, so they had me drink apple juice which woke him right up.

One of Cooper’s great grandma’s brought over this beautiful diaper cake and a Coca-Cola truck from Cooper’s great grandfather who passed away this summer. These gifts will be cherished! Thank you, Dee! <3

I have three meetings later today, but I 100% see a nap in my near future after not sleeping well last night. I also have a little bit of cleaning on my to-do list today. One week from today, Cooper should be here. That is so crazy to think about. As of now, we are scheduled for a noon C-section on Wednesday, February 16th. I will call a couple of hours before that time to make sure there is a bed available for me. I have to fast for eight hours prior to the surgery, so we will get up around 3 AM and have a big breakfast and then go back to bed. There’s no way I could go that whole time without eating. It is starting to get real!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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