Weekend Wrap-up: My Valentine + ready? + TWO days!

I can’t believe last weekend was our last weekend without a baby. It still has not sunk in that he will be here on Wednesday. We had a wonderful weekend spent with family, knocking out things around the house, and soaking up time together just the two of us. On Friday, we headed to Millwood for an early Valentine’s Day dinner date. I showered and then lounged in my recliner with Lu before getting ready.

This is what happens when you are 39 weeks pregnant and try to find something cute to wear to dinner. Ha ha! Nothing fits very well…

I ended up wearing a maxi dress and a sweater. My feet were super swollen, so the slip-ons were about the only thing that fit.

How cute is this Valentine’s Day dinner set up? They had special features just for Friday night.

For dessert, we shared this massive piece of chocolate cake. My Valentine sure is handsome.

Thank you for being my Valentine today and every day. I am so blessed to be your wife. Our biggest adventure begins Wednesday!

While I was getting ready for bed on Friday, Lu made yourself a bed out of some dirty towels on our laundry room floor. Whether it’s a blanket, clothes, or towels, this girl will make herself comfortable.

I walked into our bedroom to this. Rhea sure does love her dad.

I am making really good progress on my cleaning chart, which feels super good. After today, the deep cleaning will be finished. YAY! Huge thank you to Jake’s mom and my mom for their help. Penny cleaned all of our windows, which made everything looks so much brighter, and my mom is coming over today to help me mop our floors. We have the best families!

We had dinner with Jake’s parents Saturday night and grabbed breakfast with mine after church on Sunday. After breakfast, Jake and I did one of our favorite things – hop in the car and drive around. I think we drove random backroads for about two hours. It was relaxing and so nice to just spend some time together.

I took a two hour nap on the couch Sunday afternoon then knocked out a little bit of meal prep before we watched part of the Super Bowl. The halftime show was amazing!! We didn’t watch the game after halftime because we both wanted to watch our current Netflix show, Money Heist. It is so so good.

TWO days until we meet you, Cooper Ray! I cannot believe it. I woke up today feeling so anxious, nervous, and excited. I am glad I have quite a few things I want to knock out today and tomorrow to hopefully kind of distract me. We are going to have a baby on Wednesday. Wow.

As of now, we are scheduled to start our C-section at noon on Wednesday. I will call early that morning to make sure they have a bed for us and all that good stuff. I think I will still try to get a blog post up that morning before we go in, but no promises. I will do my best to get a post up on Friday once he is here. I will also keep everyone updated on social media. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers over the past few years. They mean the world to us and we are so thankful we get to share our journey with you. We love you!

Happy Monday, friends!

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