It’s baby day!

Here’s one last quick post before we head to the hospital to meet our guy! And no, it still doesn’t feel real – HA! Monday was spent doing the last of the deep cleaning. My mama came over and helped me. I told her it was just a quick mopping, but she ended up vacuuming off our SHOES in our closets – she takes cleaning very seriously. She mopped our bedrooms and living room while I knocked out the laundry room, kitchen, and dining room. It went pretty quickly between the two of us! Thank you, Mom!

I kept having Braxton Hicks while cleaning, so I tried to take it easy and take lots of breaks.

My mom brings these kneepads with her any time she comes to help at our house. I always have to document it!

Valentine’s Day when you’re having a baby in less than 48 hours and have some things you want hung…thanks, Jake! He hung up this huge picture in our living room and a few things for me in the nursery.

Our sweet friends, Chris and Brittany, who are also pregnant with a little boy, dropped off the sweetest goodies for us – chocolate covered strawberries and the most beautiful orchid. We love you guys! I can’t wait for our boys to grow up together. <3

Jake grilled up all kinds of deliciousness for our Valentine’s Day dinner. We had steak, lobster tail, twice baked potatoes, and macaroni salad. YUM.

Don’t worry, the girls also got Valentine’s Day treats – little kissing lips cookies. They hated posing for this picture.

Tuesday was spent running errands, getting my nails done, and knocking out last-minute things around the house. I didn’t have much of an appetite, so dinner consisted of some leftovers from Valentine’s Day dinner. I was so anxious, nervous, and excited about today!

It was bittersweet doing our last kick count session last night. I think I held my belly most of the night and just enjoyed all the movements. I am going to miss feeling this little guy move.

Our last kick count session – he got all 10 movements in in 8:23. His movements are starting to get painful at this point, I think because he’s so big and strong now.

We got up at 3:15am to have breakfast. I didn’t think I’d be able to go back to sleep after, so I started doing a few things around the house. I ended up getting SUPER tired, so I crawled back into bed and slept two more hours. I couldn’t believe it!

We are just getting things ready around the house. I have showered with the soap the doctor gave me and am about to load some things in the car. I will do a little nursery tour on social media before we leave – I will also post pictures on the blog sometime soon. I call the hospital in about 30 minutes to make sure everything is still on time for our noon C-section. It’s happening!

Thank you for being on this journey with us. Thank you for the prayers and good vibes – they mean more to us than I can express! I can’t wait to share pictures of our guy with you. We love you!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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