All the snuggles + our first solo outing + meeting friends!

Look at me, two days in a row with a blog post! HA! Cooper is the snuggliest little guy. he loves when Jake gets home from work.

I wasn’t allowed to drive for five weeks after my C-section. My first solo outing with Cooper was to the dentist. It was so wonderful to get out of the house just the two of us. I felt so accomplished after this outing. It was like I was finally able to take care of both of us again.

I have been using my ring sling to get things done around the house when Cooper wants to be held. It really comes in handy when I am cooking dinner. Also, beer tastes so good right now. I missed it!

A lot of my meals are eaten like this and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am still loving cereal, so that is what I have been eating for breakfast the past two months.

I am thankful that Cooper is such a chill baby because he sleeps through most of my shorter meetings. My mom has come over and watched him a couple of times during my faculty meetings because they are 90 minutes and I take the minutes for the meeting, so have to pay close attention. So far, that is working out really well. Thanks, mama! I am hoping to be able to finish out this semester and get through the summer before having someone come over to watch him on a more permanent basis.

Cooper usually wakes up two times throughout the night, with the last time being around five or six AM. He sleeps in his bassinet, but after his second time of waking up, I put him in bed with me and we cuddle. I love it so much.

Our second big outing was to the mall. I was desperate to find a pair of jeans that fit me. He was wonderful and we timed it out perfectly to where I fed him right before we left and he napped the whole time we were shopping. Then we got back home just in time for him to eat again. He was a real trooper!

Cooper has gotten to meet so many of our friends. He even got to be included in a girls’ night, which I know he loved.

He loved snuggling Coty and Kallie.

My friend, Mel, had a sweet baby boy a couple weeks before Cooper was born. We loved getting to meet Declan and hang out with Mel.

We met my sister, Eleanor, Becca, and her daughter Quinn at a new brewery in town a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun!

Cooper loves when Adrienne stops by to love on him.

I captured his poop face while Brittany was holding him, HA! But we cannot wait to meet sweet baby boy Mills in a little over a month!

Happy Friday, friends!

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