Weekend Wrap-up: what work looks like + first smile! + random goodies

We had such a fun weekend. We love when Jake is home with us. Before I get into our weekend, here are a few pictures I snapped while working last week. Believe it or not, it is a little tricky to send emails with a baby snoozing on your chest…

Cooper has attended a lot of Zoom meetings already in his short life.

Just knocking out a little grading while Coop has tummy time.

We have had so much fun taking Coop to some of our favorite places around town. This night we went to Wire Road, a new brewery here.

I caught his first smile on camera and I was so excited! He’s such a little chunk… it’s so fun seeing all of his different facial expressions.

I did my first run in almost a year last Monday. I ended up getting about a mile in with my run/walk and it was amazing. I think I smiled the entire time.

I have also been focusing on some strength work after runs just to help my core after having a baby. Coop joins me for most of my strength workouts. So so thankful for my coach, Patty!

Here are some precious photos of my favorite little dude.

I sure missed running! We had some really nice, sunshiny days last week, so I enjoyed a little outside time.

A little tummy time with my best bud. One of us liked this better than the other…

The girls are so good with Cooper. They are so gentle with him.

On Friday of last week, we had a lunch date at Nearly Famous.

Coop is a little flirt. I told him he can flirt all he wants, but he is not allowed to date until he is at least 40. 😉

After lunch, we did a little shopping. It was such a fun afternoon!

After our outing, I hopped on the treadmill for my last run of the week. Cooper was so good and sat in his stroller and watched me run. We were blessed with a super chill baby.

After my run, I did some strength work while Cooper did tummy time and played on his mat. It is definitely taking a little adjusting to get my workouts in, but we are making it work!

We had such a fun weekend. Saturday started with spending the afternoon at an off-road expo at the fairgrounds. Jake’s dad met us and we had the best time walking around and looking at everything.

Cooper and I had a first – I nursed him while we walked around. It felt like such an accomplishment!

I failed to get a picture, but we met Jake’s parents for breakfast Sunday morning, knocked out a few things around the house, then picked up lunch and sat outside at a brewery to enjoy the sunshine. It was a wonderful day. Plus, this cutie makes every day amazing.

A little tummy time while Rhea supervised.

Jake’s dad and stepmom had us over for dinner last night, so I threw on the baby carrier and we walked over. Cooper loved being in this thing.

Poor Lu hasn’t been able to put any weight on one of her back legs for a little over a week. I took her to the vet last Monday and they think it is her knee and a possible torn ACL. They wanted us to give it another week to see if it would heal on its own, but it has not gotten any better, so I just dropped her off for sedated x-rays this morning. We are praying it isn’t a torn ACL because that will most likely require surgery.

I am off to get some grading and other computer work done before knocking out my run and work out for the day.

Happy Monday, friends!

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