Two months?! + Rhea the babysitter + obsessed

I cannot believe Cooper is two months old today. It has definitely been the absolute best two months. His little personality is starting to come through and I love it so much.

He is such a relaxed and chill baby. He is sleeping really well, nurses like a champ, and loves to cuddle. He is already growing out of his three month clothes.

Here he is at one month. He’s growing so fast!

He is the cutest sleeper in the whole world.

We send pictures and videos like this to Jake while he’s at work.

Rhea and Lu are so great with him. I love this picture of Rhea watching him while he does tummy time.

Here’s a picture that isn’t of Cooper… Ha! LunchE’s this week have been rice bowls with veggies and sweet Thai chicken.

Grandma Penny made this onesie for Cooper that says ladies I have arrived. He wore it for a couple hours yesterday before having a blowout in it. Ha!

This is what most days look like. I have started working on the couch since it is easier with Cooper right now. I knocked out all my grading Monday morning right here.

Cooper loves going on walks. He usually falls asleep as soon as we get started.

Post walk cuddles while we waited for Jake to get home yesterday.

It is kind of hit and miss with this MamaRoo, but he napped in it for about 20 minutes yesterday while I did laundry.

The happiest boy! Happy two months, baby boy. We love you so much!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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