Weekend Wrap-up: new shoes + stroller runs + meal prep!

Friday was a wonderful day – new shoe day!! Jake and I have both worn Altras for four years now. They’re our favorite shoes. I got some new shoes since I’m back to running. I can’t wait to break these bad boys in!

Someone is too cool for school. Friday was a sunshiney, hot day, so Coop sported his new sunnies from grandma Penny and used his stroller fan to keep him cool.

I guess I’m not very entertaining on runs because he always seems to fall asleep.

Gosh, I love running with this kid. Actually, I love everything we do together.

Post-run snuggles.

Tortilla pizzas and salad for dinner Friday.

I woke up to this very serious side eye Saturday morning.

Rhea cuddled Cooper for the first time and it was so dang sweet. I can’t wait until they can play together.

This poor little girl has her first of two surgeries tomorrow morning. She has a two month recovery process ahead of her for each one. I sure hope it helps her to get back to her normal self!

Naps while mom worked around the house.

My sister and I sat on an adoption panel Saturday afternoon. We do this every year and share our experience with being adopted with couples who are looking into adoption. I always enjoy being on the panel and hearing different experiences. Cooper went with me and slept the entire time. He is such a good baby.

Sunday meal prep – baby wearing edition. Breakfast burritos for Jake (one round for this week, and one round to freeze), chicken salad, and broccoli. Eggs sound gross to me right now, so I’ve been eating cereal every morning for breakfast. I hope my love of eggs comes back soon…

Dinner Sunday night was salad and ham steaks.

My favorite bedtime view.

Good morning from this little ham!

Happy Monday, friends!

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