Longer runs + my boy + poor Lulu

This happy boy is getting so strong.

My runs get longer this week! I am still doing a run/walk combo, but I started running :30 at a time and am now running 3:00! It feels so good.

I ordered these air fresheners for our cars and they crack me up every time I look at them. I got them from Dangle It. You just upload whatever picture you would like and choose the scent. It’s so easy!

Jake and his dad cut and laid our tile Monday night. It looks so good! This bathroom is really coming along. Jake has been really busy with work, so he is just working on the bathroom whenever he has free time. We’re getting closer!

Dinner Monday night was delicious and so easy. Orange chicken bowls. These had rice, broccoli, carrots, and chicken. I used a teriyaki sauce on the veggies and an orange sauce on the chicken. So tasty!

I am trying to do a better job with naps during the day. Cooper usually just naps out in the living room with me, so I am trying for one a day in his crib. This one only lasted about 20 minutes, but I was proud of him for sleeping in his crib.

This handsome dude is 10 weeks old today! He is celebrating by screaming at night if I am not holding him…ha!

Lu had her first surgery yesterday. Her right leg ended up being a lot worse than we originally thought. She had completely ruptured her cranial cruciate ligament, which is what the vet suspected, but she also had a meniscus tear and some structural issues with her femur. The vet repaired the ligament and her meniscus, and ended up fixing the issue with the femur and doing some soft tissue release on the opposite side to help her knee fit better. She is pretty out of it right now. We got her this little pen to put in our living room so she can be near me during the day. I can’t wait to have my spunky girl back.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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