Weekend Wrap-up: longest stretch! + first birthday party + family time

The weekends sure seem to fly by! I love having Jake home with us.

Cooper and I headed out for a run Friday afternoon. It was a hot one!

Jake played in a golf tournament with his mom Friday and Saturday, so Cooper and I headed out to meet them Friday evening. This cutie rocked some of his summer clothes.

I love his big blue eyes.

Cooper went on his first golf cart ride and loved every second of it. This kid loves being outside.

Friday night, Cooper went his longest stretch of sleep – almost 8 hours! I was so proud. I, on the other hand, could not sleep and got maybe two hours total. I have not had trouble sleeping in a long time, so I was so bummed that I couldn’t sleep while he slept so long. Go figure!

Someone woke up all smiles Saturday morning. I got him dressed to go on a run with me and we headed to Sequiota Park so I could run on something flat since I was so worn out from not getting any sleep. I knew I didn’t have the energy to tackle the hills in our neighborhood.

It was such a beautiful day! I also got to do my longest running segments yet, five minutes at a time (I did five rounds of the five minuets). It was definitely tough. The last two five minute segments really pushed me. I was so thankful for the thirty second recovery time in-between. I ended up with about four miles for the day.

Anytime I take time off from running I clear my watch history so that I can start fresh. It is nice to get different accomplishments and hit small goals when you start a new training cycle. I hit my fastest mile in this current training cycle. That is not my fastest mile ever, but I am taking it as a win right now after pregnancy and taking a year off. It’s the little things!

Post run snuggles with my best guy.

Cooper got to meet another one of his great grandmas Saturday night. My mom had us over for dinner and we got to love on my Grandma Sheri. Cooper loved her and just stared at her the entire time we were at my parents’ house.

Coop sure loves his Papa Jeff. He always cuddles my dad when he holds him.

Cooper had a big day on Sunday – he got to attend his first birthday party. Our neighbor’s little girl turned two, so we went to their house to celebrate her. Cooper wore a bucket hat that I got him for this summer at the pool. He wasn’t quite sure about it.

After the birthday party, I knocked out a little bit of meal prep. Cooper snoozed in his bouncy seat while I worked in the kitchen.

Slight chaos, but this week for lunches we are having taco bowls. These have spinach, ground turkey, bell peppers, cheese, rice, and black beans. We will top them with avocado and a mixture of plain Greek yogurt and salsa.

My parents filled up the pool at their new house and my dad tested it out yesterday. He said it was a little chilly. I cannot wait for all the fun we are going to have in this pool!

Jake grilled pork chops for us last night and they were delicious. We also had salad and garlic toast with them. We purchased part of a hog from one of the guys that Jake works with and it has been so awesome having our deep freeze stocked. Now I want to get part of a cow…

We had some family time outside after dinner. Jake built a little fire and we just relaxed. It was so nice!

Happy Monday, friends!

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