Back to running + bathroom updates + three whole months!

I am back to running this week, which feels so good! I knocked out my strength workout Monday afternoon before getting outside for my run. These two joined me.

This boy gives the best cuddles.

My run felt so good on Monday. We are dialing things back a little bit this week since I was so sore last week. So far, my knees and ankles feel great, which I’m thankful for.

Dinner was pesto chicken, veggies, and a biscuit. YUM.

While I ran, Jake, our friend, Chris, and Cooper worked on the hallway bathroom. It’s almost finished, friends! We now have a toilet and a vanity…and most importantly, they work! I cannot wait for my first soak in this tub.

I got this face Tuesday morning when Cooper woke up. I think someone was working on a poop…

It was shortly followed by this face. Sweet relief. Much better!

Why are you so big??? I am not okay.

Coop isn’t quite ready for his trucker hat. I’m glad he tolerates me.

Someone got her staples out yesterday! The vet said she is healing really well. We go back in two weeks for another postop appointment. We are still watching her other leg to see if it needs surgery when this one heals.

No more cone life. I think she’s ecstatic. And in dire need of a haircut.

I made lunch while Coop was snoozing. He woke up before I got to eat for his own lunch. Babies can sense when their mom is about to eat! Ha!

After he ate, it was my turn. He stared at me the whole time.

We got a long walk in Tuesday afternoon. Coop loves to snooze while we walk.

Aaaand some more snoozing in his bouncy seat. I love his grip on the pole holding the spinning toys.

Someone is three months old today!! I cannot believe it. These past 12 weeks have been so wonderful. Cooper Ray, we love you!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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