Weekend Wrap-up: I built these + friend time + a fun baby shower

We had such a fun weekend. It was filled with lots of friend time. Friday started with a walk with friends followed by brunch. This quiche was amazing.

Jake got called into work Friday night, so Coop and I spent the evening putting together rocking chairs for our front porch.

This took me way longer than I’d like to admit…but it turned out so cool.

I took a dinner and cuddle break before putting Coop to bed.

He is almost too long for his bassinet. I am not okay.

I poured a glass of wine and started on the second rocking chair.

These match our table and chairs on the back patio.

Saturday morning snoozes. He’s the cutest.

We headed out to run some errands Saturday afternoon. I think he loved it.

Jake got home from a bike ride and I headed out to knock out my run. I ran for 25 minutes, which was my longest run yet. It felt so good!

Saturday night, we headed out for a graduation party and a birthday party.

My boys wore pineapple shirts which made me smile so big.

Congratulations, Coty! We’re proud of you. I failed to take any pictures at Katie’s birthday party. Major fail.

Sunday morning started with a nap before having a super fun baby shower for our friend, Rachel.

The girls in my running group are all going to be gone when Rachel has her baby shower, so we threw together a little brunch at my house to surprise her Sunday morning. It was a blast!

We cannot wait to meet baby girl Davis!!

My happy guy.

Happy Monday, friends!

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