Bath time Coop + dad’s dentist visit + patio fun!

This little guy and his expressions. I just love them. He is getting so strong. He gets frustrated that he can’t sit up on his own.

I had my first workout run Monday afternoon. It felt SO good! My mom came over and hung out with Cooper while I ran. Postpartum running is definitely slow going, but it sure feels amazing to be back running.

Bath time Coop is a whole mood. This kid sure loves baths.

Tuesday morning snoozes while I worked for a little bit. I am on summer break right now, but I’m trying to work a little bit each day to get my fall classes ready. I try to knock out some work whenever Cooper naps.

He’s been napping quite a bit this week, so I’ve had a lot of work time.

We went on a walk yesterday afternoon and he was so excited. He loves being outside. He has started staring at different things on our walks and the awe in his eyes when he sees a tree is so adorable.

I had a dermatologist appointment yesterday. They cut out a spot and sent it off for a biopsy. Other than that, everything on my skin looked okay. It had been about 12 years since I had seen a dermatologist, so it was time. I told them I plan to come in once a year from now on. Jake had a dentist appointment close by my appointment, so Cooper and I met him at my dad’s office and hung out while Kayla cleaned his teeth.

The umbrella for our patio table came in yesterday. I love how the space is turning out! Our house is being painted next week and after that we will work on a little bit of landscaping. I will share updates all week!

Jake grilled delicious ham steaks for dinner last night. We have been eating out on the patio any chance we get.

Our morning cuddles are my favorite.

Happy 13 weeks, baby boy!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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