Making progress + lazy morning + working on rolling

This kid loves his crinkle books. It’s so fun watching him start to grab things and play.

I had another workout run Wednesday afternoon. It was the same one I did Monday. I was able to go a little bit faster on all of the pushes, which felt good. Jake joined me for part of it so he could push Cooper during the harder segments. Very thankful Cooper is able to join me on runs.

I was DRENCHED when I finished. Since I just squeeze in runs whenever I have time, a lot of them are happening in the afternoon right now. Much different than my 5am runs and much MUCH hotter.

Jake golfs in a men’s league on Wednesdays, so while he was golfing, I started on dinner. Someone did not want to be put down, so he helped me cook and fold laundry.

Dinner was green chili turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and Caesar salad. Jake joined us for dinner when he got home.

This handsome guy is all smiles when wakes up.

We had a lazy morning while it stormed Thursday. We lounged in bed for a couple of hours and cuddled.

We finally moved out to the living room and I did a little work while Coop-man played on his mat. He played here by himself for almost 40 minutes. It’s so fun to watch him explore and learn.

Then it was lunch time. We read another crinkle book while I ate.

I discovered these at Hy-Vee and love them so much. They’re a prebiotic soda and SO good. This is the raspberry rose flavor. It’s probably my favorite.

He passed out while I was filing his nails. He always sprawls out and his paci falls out of this mouth.

Rhea-girl needed some cuddles last night, so we snuggled on the kitchen floor once Cooper went to bed.

The people painting our house next week are where pressure washing today. I cannot wait to see it painted! It’s going to look so different.

Happy Friday, friends!

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