Awesome find + rain walk…+ 14 weeks!

I caught this guy mean muggin’ me after our morning snuggles. I’m choosing not to take it personally…

I had a lactate threshold workout Monday morning. It was SO hard. I was about a minute off per mile from where I thought I’d be, so it was definitely a postpartum ego check. So so thankful for my coach, Patty, and all her wisdom as I work to get back into running and training.

Lunch this week has been sandwiches loaded up with turkey, ham, and veggies, plus chips and a lactation cookie. So. Good.

Dinner was another pizza and salad.

We finally have a table for our dining room!! Jake found this one on Facebook Marketplace and we both loved it. My dad is building us a table from a walnut tree we had to cut down in our yard last summer, but it will still be awhile before he can do that – the tree is currently drying – so we will use this until then. We had been using a card table, so this definitely looks better.

This little dude makes every day wonderful.

I worked a little bit yesterday while Coop snoozed. I’m technically on summer break, but I am teaching two classes this summer, so I’ve been getting them ready to go and rebuilding one of my fall classes. I’m thankful I can do my job from home.

Dinner Tuesday night was ground turkey bowls. These had ground turkey, zucchini, yellow squash, and asparagus. Everything was cooked in ghee, coconut aminos, and garlic, then topped with goat cheese. It was delicious.

I had a 45 minute recovery walk to get in yesterday. I put it off until after dinner hoping the rain would stop. Jake headed out for a run and Cooper and I headed out to knock out my walk.

It rained on us the entire time. I carried Jake’s golf umbrella to cover both of us. We met up with Jake when he finished his run and we had a family walk in the rain.

Cooper is getting so strong and loves to sit up. He still has to be supported when sitting, but he is so ready to sit up on his own. As soon as we put him in a seated position he gets the biggest smile on his face.

Someone is 14 weeks old today!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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