Family run + family time + our four year anniversary!

Coop’s facial expressions, even when he’s snoozing, crack me up.

We knocked out another family run Wednesday afternoon. So thankful Jake joins me for my workout runs. He pushes Cooper so I can focus on my paces.

Then Jake saved a massive snapping turtle that was wandering around our neighborhood streets.

Thursday morning, I got to see my friend, Emily, her son, Wattson, and meet her four week old daughter, Mabel. Cooper loved snuggling Em, too.

Cooper wore jeans last night and it was adorable.

My grandparents from Florida are in town, so we did dinner with my family last night. Cooper has now gotten to meet all of his great grandparents. He’s a lucky kid to have so many!

After dinner, we put Cooper to bed and then celebrated our four year anniversary with some old fashioneds.

I woke up to this girl cuddling us in bed this morning.

This happy guy is getting baptized tomorrow. It will be a fun day filled with family!

Happy Friday, friends!

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