Baby vacuuming + Coop’s first pool day + snoozing

This chunk is in his fourth leap right now and he is wild! I have a feeling once he’s on the move, he’ll never stop. Ha!

This looks gross, but it’s SO delicious. Shredded chicken, quinoa and rice, broccoli, carrots, goat cheese, and ranch. YUM.

Someone hasn’t wanted to be put down this week, so I’m doing a lot of baby wearing. I don’t mind the extra snuggles. We vacuumed together Wednesday night.

After Coop went to bed, Jake and I hung out in the living room. But first, I knocked out my strength workout with Rhea by my side.

I have exciting news about this little girl! She went in for her surgery Thursday morning and they ended up not doing it. This was a second surgery on the same leg, so we are so SO thankful that she didn’t need it. Jake and I noticed her starting to walk a little bit more normally and had the vet double check the leg before her scheduled surgery. Things seem to be healing on their own. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this leg continues to heal and that her other leg will heal. For now, we are keeping her confined to a small space and go back in two weeks to check on her progress.

Cooper had his very first pool day Thursday afternoon. He loved it. It was so much fun watching him explore and experience the water for the first time.

I am thankful that this kid can nap anywhere. He took a little nap at the pool while the rest of us laid out in the sun.

Then we had a little bit more playtime. He loved these little fountains.

He passed out in the car the second I got him buckled in his seat. I think that’s a sign of a successful pool day.

Why are you so big??? He wants to sit up SO badly.

I think it’s about time to move him out of his bassinet. I’m not ready!

Happy Friday, friends!

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