Weekend Wrap-up: mostly Coop + family pool time + nakey boy

We had a full weekend! Today is my first day back to work for summer school, so we lived it up and had all the fun. Jake played in a three-day golf tournament, so we got lots of mommy and Cooper time.

I am not okay with our almost four month old sitting up like this…time needs to slow down!

He peed all over me while nursing, then pooped all over me while I changed him. I couldn’t stop laughing. He smiled the whole time.

Jake got Cooper his first pair of Pit Vipers. Ha! He looks so cute.

No shame in our matching game.

My wine glass says, “This wine tastes like I’m skipping my morning run”…don’t worry, I didn’t skip it.

We went to breakfast Saturday morning with Jake before he started playing in his tournament.

Then I headed out for my run. Coop enjoyed some reading time while we ran.

Then my little water baby and I headed to the pool.

I love watching this kid explore new things. These fountains are his favorite thing.

Coop got to hang out with his favorite Auntie Becca, too.

After the pool, we took a short nap, then headed back to Millwood to meet Jake and his parents for dinner.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this kid snuggling his rattle on the drive home.

Sunday morning started with Coop’s first trail run…kinda. We stuck to the road, but got to run NEAR an actual trail. I cannot wait for my first trail run back.

These gals explored the trails while I hit the road.

We took a nap after our run, then did meal prep and some laundry before meeting Jake at the pool when he finished golfing. I love my guys.

Good morning from this cute, nakey boy!

Happy Monday, friends!

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