Big boy + first tub bath + house update

This guy is getting so strong. He’s so close to being able to hold up his head on his own. So. Close.

This dinner was delicious. Pan-seared pork chops and sautéed cabbage. YUM.

I finally gave Cooper a bath in his new bathroom. Up until now, we’d just been giving him baths on the kitchen counter. He LOVED it.

Our mornings together are my favorite. He is on a pretty solid sleep schedule right now. He goes down about 7:30/8, is up for his first feeding around 1/2, then up for his second feeding around 4/5, then we snuggle and snooze in bed until we get up for the day.

When playing airplane goes wrong…

They are making awesome progress on our house!

It looks really dark in pictures, but the brick is more of a charcoal and the trim, garage, doors, and gutters are all black.

We finally got to meet sweet Jett! These two took turns crying and staring at each other. I love that we get to raise our sons together. I have a feeling these two are going to be a little ornery when they’re together…

Someone is extra wild on this Friday morning. We had some floor play time on his new quilt from his great aunt Michelle’s mother-in-law. (That’s a mouthful!) He loves it.

He’s not quite ready to sit in this for a long period of time, but he gets so excited anytime he is able to sit up on his own. I love watching this kid grow.

Happy Friday, friends!

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