This kid is awesome + Coop’s first mtb race + our house is painted!

This kid was cracking me up Friday morning. He kept pulling his burp cloth over his face to sleep. I would pull it back down and he’d immediately pull it up again. Don’t worry, I didn’t let it stay like this.

Someone stayed in their jammies until 3pm. It was me. I’m someone.

These are the best plantain chips I’ve ever had. I got them at Hy-Vee.

I hope my love for all things pineapple will rub off on Coop!

Dinner Friday night was pork chops and cabbage. Jake grilled the pork chops and they were AMAZING. We both said they were the best pork chops we’d ever had.

Coop played on his play mat while we ate dinner.

After dinner, we walked over to our neighbor’s house for drinks and snacks.

Someone wore his Run Squad onesie from my girlfriend, Alex, for my workout run Saturday morning. Teamwork made my workout run happen. Jake had a two hour run and I had an hour, so he headed out and knocked out an hour then came back to meet me and he pushed Cooper while I did my workout at the track. It worked great!

Can y’all tell I am obsessed with this kid?

Get you some friends who love your babies like their own.

Cooper loves this little floor seat. He is JUST about able to control his head/neck, so this lets him work on that while sitting up, which is his favorite thing in the whole world.

I headed out for a 60 minute run Sunday morning. Jake hung with Coop for the first 30 minutes before he had to leave for a mountain bike race. I grabbed Coop for the second half of my run, but it was way too hot, so we called it quits and I decided to finish up later that evening.

I knocked out a little meal prep before we headed to watch Jake race. Lunches this week are quinoa, broccoli, green beans, chicken, and steak. Plus some burritos for Jake’s breakfast. I’m still on a cereal kick – it’s easy and delicious.

Coop rocked this onesie to cheer his dad on. It says, “I wheelie love my dad”.

Our guy got third! So proud.

Coop’s first mountain bike race.

Then we came home and played on the floor.

The painters finished our house! Pictures don’t really do it justice, but we love it. The brick, soffits, and facia are a dark charcoal and the trim, gutters, and our doors are all black.

Before we headed to dinner, I went out to finish up my run from earlier. These two were waiting for me on the driveway when I finished.

Happy Monday, friends!


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