Lu update + four months + family pool day

We took Lu to the vet yesterday for a little update. She is still healing really well! Unfortunately, we still need to keep her confined, but the vet is hopeful that she will continue to heal on her own. We go back in two more weeks for another check.

This little dude smiles in his sleep all the time and it’s adorable.

These bowls have been super delicious this week. They have quinoa, broccoli, green beans, chicken, and steak.

I laid down with Cooper for his afternoon nap and the next thing I know, we were waking up 2 and a 1/2 hours later… Whoops! I guess we were both sleepy. Then I got ready to head out for my recovery run once Jake got home from work. It felt good to run slowly and just enjoy being outside.

I sure love this little goofball.

Cooper was four months yesterday and I cannot believe it. People always told me that time would fly by once we had kids and boy were they right. Coop is definitely the best thing to ever happen to us. I am constantly caught between wanting to freeze time and not being able to wait and see how he changes each day.

We headed out for our morning run early on Thursday. I had a workout run, so we headed to the trail so I could do it on flat surfaces. While we were headed there, we ran into my friend, Adrienne. I love living in a neighborhood with friends.

Workout runs are definitely tougher pushing the stroller, but I am so thankful this kid loves to go on runs with me.

After our run, we headed over to my parents’ house to hang out at the pool for the day. Cooper rocked his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles swim trunks. Jake and I both loved TMNT when we were younger, so when I saw these, I couldn’t pass them up.

This kid loves the water.

The sign of a successful pool day? Passing out the second you get in the car. This nap lasted until Jake got home from work. When we got home, Cooper and I crawled into bed and snoozed until Jake was home.

Post nap smiles while dad grilled dinner.

Brat burger, brussels, and salad. YUM.

Last week I shared about having a milk bleb/clogged duct. I had still been kind of dealing with the clogged duct off and on. Yesterday, it was really bothering me. I did the hot water and Epsom salt in the Haakaa trick again and it is just the most amazing thing. Basically, you fill your Haakaa all the way to the top with hot water and dissolve Epsom salt in it. Attach the Haakaa and you will instantly see the clog streaming out. It is the craziest thing. It’s hard to see in this picture, but the top part of my Haakaa is full of milk that was pulled out of the clog.

Happy Friday, friends!

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