Weekend Wrap-up: real clothes + progress + Jake’s first Father’s Day!

Our Friday started with a shower for mom and a bath for Coop. I call that a productive morning. Ha!

This kid LOVES baths despite the pensive look on his face.

All clean and ready for cuddles.

Lunch was the last of our quinoa, veggie, chicken, and steak bowls.

Taking a bath really wears you out. Little man got a good nap in while I ate lunch and did a little work.

Then I put on makeup AND real clothes, which doesn’t happen very often.

I met some girlfriends from high school to celebrate our friend, Landyn’s, birthday. We had so much fun catching up and sipping good beer.

Then it was back home to meet Jake and head to dinner.

Saturday morning started with smiles, snuggles, and breakfast.

I headed out for a 60-minute endurance run. It was hot, but I felt really good until about 40 minutes. The last 20 minutes of this run were hard. I was drenched when I finished, but I can tell my fitness is slowly coming back, which is the best feeling. I have taken things super slow (with help from my amazing running/lifting coach) and I think that has made all the difference.

We ran some errands Saturday afternoon and Coop snoozed. He got a little fussy after being in his seat for awhile, so we took a break to play and nurse, then it was back to snoozing.

Sunday morning started with some family time to celebrate the best dad – Cooper’s!

Jake headed out for a run and Coop and I made breakfast – bacon, eggs, and biscuits.

We spent the day together before I headed out for a run while Jake and Coop took a little nap. After my run, we hung out on our front porch and just enjoyed being together, then Coop and I took a little nap before having our families over for dinner. Jake grilled the most delicious tri tip and everyone brought a side to go with it. It was the perfect Father’s Day!

We loved celebrating our favorite guy (& guys) on Sunday. We sat out on our patio with our friend Adrienne until late last night. It was such a great weekend!

Happy Monday, friends!

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