10 weeks till race day + Coop’s first bottle (not a fan) + the BEST chicken!

Monday is my grading day, so I try to knock out as much as possible when little man will let me. I got all of my grading finished by late morning, which felt SO good.

10 weeks till my first postpartum race!! I cannot wait. We will head to Colorado for the Trail Sisters trail half marathon. I’m so stoked!

Our toes are our new favorite toy.

Contact naps are the best naps.

We did a little baking Monday afternoon when I finished my computer work. Banana oat bread – SO delicious. One loaf for us and one that Jake took to work for the guys to munch on.

The only way I get things done if someone wants snuggles – baby wearing for the win!

Monday night bath time, complete with using a cup from one of our favorite breweries as a rinse cup.

Coop in a backwards hat is my favorite thing.

Nap time work hustle! We have been pretty productive this week. I got all my grading done on Monday, submitted two proposals for a conference in November, finished prepping one of my classes for this fall, and just started working on another one. Our days aren’t always productive, so I am thankful to have gotten as much work done as I have so far this week!

He is so close to outgrowing his SnuggleMe. He’s growing way too fast!

Baby wearing nap while I worked on the computer Tuesday afternoon.

Then we sat in our new rocking chairs and enjoyed the cooler weather for a little bit.

When Jake got home from work, we headed out for a family run. Jake had a recovery run and I had a workout run, so he pushed the stroller while I did my work out. I have been doing my work out runs pushing the stroller, so it was nice to not push it for one of them. I was able to go a little bit faster, too.

I am pretty proud of this. This was all collected yesterday just using my Haakaa. I have shared before how much I love the Haakaa. I just attach it to the opposite side when Coop is nursing. It is no extra work at all! I saw a video of someone using it, where they squeezed the air out of it before they attached it, which drew out more milk. I started doing this and am amazed at how much milk I am able to collect. I got 5 ounces yesterday only using it while he was nursing. I just added it to this bottle after each nursing session. Best item ever.

We gave Cooper his first bottle last night. He did not like it at all. We will keep trying! I’m sure it will take a little bit since he has gone four months exclusively nursing.

Dinner last night was my favorite chicken, veggies in the Air Fryer, and rice. This chicken is so easy to make and it is amazing. Cut your chicken into bite-size pieces, cook on the stove with ghee, garlic powder, turmeric, black pepper, and coconut aminos. That’s it! Let the chicken chunks get a little crispy. YUM.

We head back to the vet this morning to check on Lu’s progress. Fingers crossed she gets released to do a little bit more activity.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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