Jake had emergency surgery + I ran 8 miles! + Coop’s first Fourth

What. A. Weekend (plus a few days). Rewinding all the way back to Friday, Coop and I had a fairly productive morning. He was all smiles when he woke up. Like always.

He played on his mat while I checked in with my online classes. I will never take being able to work from home and be with him every day for granted. I wanted this for so long. I still can’t believe Coop is ours. And I really can’t believe I get to be home with him while working. Thank you, Jesus!! So many prayers answers. Little man found his toes last week. They’re his new favorite toy.

He fell asleep holding my hand. He is the sweetest baby.

Early Friday evening, we got ready to meet my family for dinner. Jake wasn’t feeling well, but he told us to go without him while he crawled into bed. He had been having some intermittent abdominal pain all week. He finally called a clinic and got an appointment scheduled for Saturday evening. While Jake snoozed, Coop and I grabbed dinner.

I can’t with him. He’s so fun.

I wore real clothes multiple times last week. This is a rare occurrence and needed to be documented.

I know I’m obsessed with him, but I can’t help it. If you’ve gotten to meet him, you get it!

Saturday morning snuggles with this fluffy girl.

I ran my longest run in over a year Saturday morning – 8 miles! It felt SO good.

I think I smiled the rest of the day.

My pace needed to be between 10:30 and 13:14. I ended with 8.25 miles and an average of 10:56. I’ll take it!

Saturday evening play time while we waited to hear from Jake. He went to the doctor late Saturday afternoon. They did some blood tests and a CT scan to check on his abdomen pain.

We finally tried the doorway jumper. My sister let me borrow Eleanor’s. Coop loved it! I read that these aren’t great for babies. Does anyone know? I keep finding conflicting information. And ignore the messy background of this picture…that room will eventually be my office one day! Right now, it’s where we store all our remodeling materials.

Jake called and said they were worried about his appendix, but were still waiting on some test results, so I tried to stay busy until we knew. Jake didn’t want us coming to the clinic, so we stayed home and Coop got a bath.

Jake got his test results back as soon as I put Cooper down for bed Saturday night. They wanted to take his appendix out right away, but the doctor wasn’t available or something, so they scheduled it for Sunday morning. They were worried about it bursting, so they kept him in the hospital over night. They wouldn’t let him drive, but he didn’t want me getting Cooper out of the house, so his parents took him from the clinic to the hospital. I hated not being there with him. He ended up going in for surgery around 7 AM Sunday morning. Rhea and Coop played in bed until we got up.

We played and stayed busy until Jake was out of surgery. Everything went great! He was put on zero restrictions and they took the appendix out before it burst. This smiley boy could not wait to see his dad.

We grabbed a quick lunch with Jake’s parents after they brought him home from the hospital, then we relaxed the rest of the day. We watched the best movie on Netflix called The Adam Project. It was amazing. We both loved it so much. I lounged in my new crop. It says, “Drive Thru Open 24/7” HA! So. True.

Monday morning was spent sleeping in and getting ready for a fun Fourth of July! Our first activity was our neighborhood party and parade. I love that our neighborhood has fun get togethers for the Fourth of July and Halloween. Coop was so excited.

Jake was pretty sore, but said he felt better than he did last week when he was in so much pain. He mowed our yard Monday morning…he has zero chill. He didn’t want to miss anything on Monday, so we tried to just take things easy.

My mom, sister, and Eleanor came over for the party and the parade. We had so much fun!

After our neighborhood party, Cooper and I headed over to my parents’ house to swim for a little bit while Jake relaxed at our house. After the pool, we got ready to head to Highland for their Fourth of July barbecue and fireworks show.

It was so dang hot, but we loved getting to see everyone.

My friend, Adrienne, took this picture of Coop and it’s my new favorite.

Tuesday morning was spent getting caught up on work. I knocked out all of my grading while Coop read his favorite book.

I also got caught up on laundry and did some meal prep. I wore Coop while I prepped and he took a nap.

Lunches this week are chicken tacos and veggies. Meal prep hack – get a rotisserie chicken, shred it, and add whatever seasoning you would like. It makes meal prep so fast!

Dinner Tuesday night was blackened salmon and veggie wraps. They were delicious.

We watched a documentary on Bethany Hamilton last night after dinner. It was nice to relax on the couch. Jake is doing pretty well, just still sore. He went back to work yesterday, but is taking things easy.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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