Booby pop + I need to do this more often + making Papa Jeff proud

Coop loves this activity center. We got it at Target. It says it’s for six months and up (Coop is four and a half(, but his neck is pretty strong and he’s getting so close to holding his head up completely on his own. We make sure he’s only in this if we are close by.

I made some breastmilk popsicles a few weeks ago. Coop did not like them the first time we tried them, but he tried them again this week and liked them. The cold throws him off every time. It’s so funny.

Coop sure loves his dad.

I headed out for another recovery run once Jake got home from work. I never did well running in the heat in the past, but right now, runs just happen when I can squeeze one in. It’s too hot later in the day to have Coop out in his stroller, so Jake hangs with him while I run.

We relaxed the rest of Wednesday evening, then Coop and I got up early to run Thursday morning. It was nice knocking out my run earlier in the day. I NEED to try and do that more often.

I also knocked out my strength workout right after my run. It felt amazing to have both things crossed off my to-do list before 10am.

Then we got some good cuddles in before meeting my Mom at Target.

Lunches this week have been delicious. Chicken tacos and veggies.

Dinner last night was one of my favorites – spinach, chickpea pasta, rotisserie chicken, ranch, and avocado. So. Good. I love adding pasta to my salads.

Coop is making his Papa Jeff (my dad) proud with this Hawkeyes onesie. Both my parents went to the University of Iowa, so we cheer for the Hawks around here.

I love this boy and his chins.

Happy Friday, friends!

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