Weekend Wrap-up: not the weekend we wanted + being sick is the worst + all the snuggles

We did not have the weekend we wanted, but we got lots of relaxing and family snuggles in, so it wasn’t all bad. Jake and I have both been dealing with some terrible allergies and over the weekend, it turned into bad sinus infections for both of us. Our weekend was spent being miserable, taking medicine, and praying that Cooper didn’t get it. We are both feeling better today and he seems good so far!

We have fox in our neighborhood and I love seeing them in our yard. This one was playing on the logs in our backyard Friday morning.

I collected all of this last week just using my Haakaa while Coop nurses. I am just stocking our deep freeze for Coop and for my sister’s baby, who will be born in February. Cooper still doesn’t love bottles, so my new niece or nephew might be getting a lot of frozen breastmilk. The Haakaa is a game changer for nursing moms. I attach it to the opposite side any time Cooper is nursing and I am getting about 4 to 8 ounces a day. If you’re nursing and know someone who is, get them a Haakaa! It’s so much easier than pumping (in my opinion) since it’s just a silicone milk collector.

This smile says, “Stop taking pictures of me, mom…”

Friday afternoon, I tackled organizing our Tupperware cabinets. They’re so much better now.

After a little bit of work on Friday, little man and I crawled into bed for a nap. I wasn’t feeling all that great, so a nap was necessary.

Saturday morning, we both woke up and were beyond miserable. Luckily, this handsome guy seemed to be feeling great.

Jake started antibiotics and we were both taking all the vitamin C and elderberry that we could. Jake played with Coop on his new bike that some friends gave to us. This kid already has more bikes than I do…

Nothing sounded good for dinner, so we had Ramen topped with rotisserie chicken. It was delicious.

Snuggles from my best boy make everything better.

I woke up feeling worse on Sunday, so I started antibiotics. Jake woke up feeling much better, so I think I am just about a day behind him. We made coffee and sat out on our front porch to enjoy the cooler morning.

Coop sprawled out on his blanket and just lounged.

Just two sickies and a baby planning their landscaping. Ha! We cannot wait to start working on our landscaping this fall. We wanted to start it after we painted the house, but it has been so hot. We will wait until it is a little bit cooler and then start planting some things. We currently have zero landscaping, so I know once we get some things planted it is going to make our house look so cute.

Coop snoozed while Jake and I chatted. Why is he so big?!

I got these from Sam’s with my last grocery delivery. Holy cow, they are amazing. So addicting.

Cooper and I laid down in bed for a nap Sunday afternoon. Jake joined us and the three of us got a pretty solid snooze in.

I knocked out a little bit of meal prep after my nap. I am on a rotisserie chicken kick right now. Lunches this week are teriyaki chicken wraps with spinach and veggies on the side.

So thankful this guy is such a good baby. He handled having sick parents all weekend like a champ. He slept a seven hour stretch every single night, so I feel like I was able to get some solid sleep. Coop, you’re the best…for SO many reasons.

Happy Monday, friends!

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