10-minute hat hanger + that was tough + babies & dates

This face. I may never be able to tell him no…

I hope this guy loves hats as much as his dad and I do! He’s already got quite the collection.

I have been trying to find something to use to display Cooper’s hats in his room. I was feeling crafty on Tuesday and did not feel like doing any work, so I threw this together in about 10 minutes using random things we already had at the house. It turned out super cool! It’s just jute string, a chalkboard label, some wooden beads, and wooden clothespins. So easy!

Little man helped me make our bed, too. We took a few snuggle breaks.

Jake grilled pork chops for dinner and they were delicious.

Then we had bath time before bed. This guy loves baths.

I had a recovery run Tuesday morning, which was my first run back after this dang sinus infection. Cooper wore his Run Squad onesie to help motivate me.

I was very thankful it was a recovery run. I definitely feel a million times better than I did last week, but I didn’t have a ton of energy for this run. My watch said I was detraining…ha! I have a workout run today, we’ll see how it goes! I feel almost back to normal, huge yay – So thankful for antibiotics.

Coop, why are you so cool?

We headed out to meet some friends for dinner last night.

It had been WAY too long since we had seen the Bradshaws. We got to meet their new precious babe and they got to meet Coop. Such a fun night catching up with friends!

Someone fell asleep on our drive home holding all of his toys and his burp cloth. It was adorable.

My handsome matching boys.

I love this little family of mine. So much.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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