Bottle progress + PP running + Lu’s second surgery

Wednesday, we had the best lunch date with Brittany and Jett. We went to Wire Road and I had the lobster tacos. They were incredible.

I cannot wait to watch these two grow up together. If they’re anything like their dads, we’ve got our hands full! Also, Jett has the BEST hair.

Since we waited over four months to give little man a bottle, it’s been a little bit of a journey finding what works for him. My sister suggested researching this bottle, the Nanobebè, which is apparently good for breastfed babies. Jake tried giving him a bottle a few weeks ago and he hated it. I ordered this one and then I tried. He drank about an ounce! He was still a little unsure, but that’s progress.

We dropped Lu back off at the vet early Thursday morning for her second CCL repair surgery. She tore her CLL in both legs. BOTH. Then she tore the repair on the first leg she had surgery on. Luckily, enough scar tissue had built up and stabilized that leg, so it’s back to normal and she didn’t have to have a second surgery on that leg. We’ve been monitoring her other leg to see if it might heal on its own, but after three months of limiting her activity, it hasn’t gotten any better. Poor girl. She has two more months of being kept in her kennel, but hopefully after that, she can get back to her normal spunky self. Slowly! We don’t want her tearing anything else.

Coop and I headed out for my run after dropping Lu off. I had another tempo run, which I had also done on Tuesday. I stuck to the same route to see if I could push my pace a little bit. I felt way better starting this run than I felt on Tuesday, so I was hopeful I could see some improvement between the two.

Morning naps in the stroller while mom runs – success. So, SO thankful this kid loves being in the stroller. I love having him join me for runs.

I am super proud of this progress. My run from Tuesday is the first picture. On Thursday, I was able to run longer, go faster during the workout portion, and keep my heart rate the same – and my run on Tuesday had a longer moving time, which means I covered more ground Thursday in less time. Small progress is still progress! Postpartum running is very humbling, but I’m beyond thankful to be running again. I missed it.

After my run, I fed Coop, then we headed to the garage to knock out my strength workout. These two sure love each other. Coop loves to pet her. We watch closely because I know he’s going to try and pull her fur…she won’t love that. I’m thankful she’s the most patient, gentle dog.

Melt my freaking heart. I love how snuggly this boy is. I was pretty beat after my run, so I joined Coop for his afternoon nap and it was wonderful.

Dinner last night was cauliflower crust pizza. YUM. And we had more bottle success! Coop drank almost two ounces, and would’ve kept drinking more, but that’s all I put in the bottle because I didn’t want to waste milk with heating it up. He took about half an ounce from Jake, got fussy, then finished his bottle with me. More small progress!

Happy Friday, friends!

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