Quick meal prep + more tempo runs + books before bed

Leftovers for lunch Monday. The delicious salmon Jake smoked on top of some leftover salad. YUM.

Coop is big enough to be front facing in his ErgoBaby carrier. He was SO excited. I think he smiled the entire time he helped me vacuum like this.

I knocked out the easiest meal prep Monday afternoon – sandwiches. I found some Hawaiian sandwich bread and had to get it. These have honey ham and peppered turkey on them. They’re tasty.

Little man loves being in this walker and on the go. I know there are mixed reviews on walkers, so we only use it when we can watch him. He has so much fun every time he’s in here.

Dinner Monday night was BLTs. I think BLTs are one of my favorite things. They’re so dang easy to make, too. I love to add a slide of Pepper Jack cheese to mine. And avocado, but we didn’t have any.

Coop and his chins love mornings. We got up early Tuesday to knock out my run before it got super hot.

Coop snoozed while I ran. I love when he grabs onto the side of his car seat. It always makes me laugh.

I got through about an hour of my run – my warm-up and my workout, before little man needed a break to cuddle and eat.

My run yesterday was tough. I had three 10 minute pushes. They were hard! I ended with a little over eight miles for the day. After my run, I knocked out my weight training workout, too. I think the only reason I’m feeling stronger each week is because of Patty, my coach. Without her, I would’ve either tried to do too much or not done enough. She has been the best at keeping me right where I should be.

Water bottles are a new favorite toy.

Coop rocked his cousin club onesie from Jake’s cousin, Riley. We will have to pass this on to our new cousin when she’s born in February.

We had dinner with my birth mom last night and Coop loved all the snuggles he got from Dawn.

I sure do love these boys.

We laid in bed and read three books last night. It was so much fun and made my heart so, SO full.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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