A Grandma Joyce recipe + in his crib! + first time parents…

This little chair vibrates. Coop loves to snooze in it, but he’s just about outgrown it.

During the summer, I don’t always want to eat hot things, but salads and sandwiches can get old. I was craving the cold chicken and rice salad my mom used to make, so I texted her for ingredients. This recipe is one of my Grandma Joyce’s and it is SO good. I don’t have exact measurements of anything, but it’s so easy to throw together. Cooked chicken breast, celery, onion, and Minute Rice. Then, mix together mayo and a little milk (just enough to make a liquid. I like to keep mine a little thicker). Add whatever seasoning you’d like and enjoy! I added Everything but the Bagel seasoning, turmeric, and Lawry’s salt. YUM.

I had the cutest helper for some meal prep Monday afternoon.

We had the chicken and rice salad for dinner and it was amazing. Jake LOVED it. Thank you, Grandma!!

Big things happening over here for this first time mom – someone moved to their crib Monday night! Coop just got way too long for his bassinet in our room, so we decided to move him to his crib. He has so much more room and seems to LOVE it.

These are my current favorite snacks.

All smiles after sleeping in his crib!! I am so proud of this little dude. He slept in his crib from eight to midnight, I fed him and changed his diaper, then went back down from midnight to three. Once he got up at three, I put him in bed with us until we got up for the day.

We got up and headed out for my recovery run Monday morning.

Coop took his morning nap while I ran. I got a little over four miles in for the day.

I was starving after my run, so I inhaled this plate of deliciousness.

Jake’s mama watched Coop for a little bit yesterday and when I got back home, he was passed out on the couch like this. He has the best grandmas!

This face. I can’t.

First time parents…when one of you does something loud after bedtime and you immediately run to the baby monitor to see if you woke up the baby. Ha!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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