The Haakaa is the best thing + all the recovery miles + we’re in trouble now…

I am still obsessed with my Haakaa. I use it just about every time I nurse. I collected this over the last two weeks. Coop doesn’t really do bottles, but I’m stocking up for my niece that will be born in February.

The cutest boy. He played in his activity center while I did my recovery run on the treadmill.

He got hungry halfway through, so we took a break to nurse and snuggle.

After I fed Coop, I ended up getting super hungry, so I had lunch and then we headed over to hang out with my family for a little bit.

Coop got some good cuddles and cousin time in.

When we got back home, I got ready to finish the second half of my run. I laid Coop on his back and ran to the bathroom. I was gone maybe 60 seconds and came back to this. He had flipped over, scooted, and was grasping onto a chair leg when I got back. HA! We are in trouble. This kid is on the move.

We woke up to rain and storms Thursday, so Coop rocked his smiley onesie to bring some happiness to the dreary day.

Why does he look so big?!

We had a pretty lazy day Thursday, which was nice. We snuggled and I did some laundry. When the sun came out, we headed outside for my last recovery run of the week. Coop napped while I ran.

We have a full weekend, which we haven’t had in awhile. I’m sure we’ll try to squeeze some naps in.

Happy Friday, friends!

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