He’s not about it + small progress + celebrating Jake!

This week has been BONKERS with work. I’m thankful this handsome dude is pretty good at entertaining himself for small periods of time. He’s let me knock out quite a bit of work.

He was fighting naps on Wednesday, so we improvised – snuggles in bed while I worked. it worked great! He snoozed for about two hours and I was able to get a bunch of things finished.

This face.

His second nap of the day was in my arms. I’m soaking up the snuggles.

Dinner Wednesday night was veggie pizza on cauliflower crust. YUM.

Then we lounged on the floor before bed and read a few books while we waited for Jake to get home from golfing.

All the snuggles for dad when he got home.

I woke up starving Thursday morning, so I inhaled all this goodness before my run.

I had a tempo ladder workout, so we headed out before it got too hot. These are my favorite gels. I love the mango and strawberry.

Almost 8 miles in for the day. I am feeling stronger each week and cannot wait for my race next month!

Small progress is still progress! I like seeing this kind of data. It reminds me that I am making progress even when it may not always feel that way.

Gosh, I love this kid.

More work in bed before Coop took another nap.

He didn’t love the idea of sleeping on the bed, so he snoozed in my arms instead.

When dad lets you wear his sunnies…all smiles.

We went to Galloway last night with Jake’s grandma.

Coop has the best great grandmas in the whole world! He’s blessed with five!

We also got to see this pretty lady. Coop loved snuggling Tammy.

My best boys.

Jake’s birthday is Sunday, so we are going to celebrate him all weekend long! I can’t wait to celebrate our favorite guy!

Happy Friday, friends!l

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