Weekend Wrap-up: my babe + trail time!! + celebrating our best guy!

We had the BEST weekend. We had a super fun double date Friday night, I got to run trail, AND we got to celebrate our best guy’s birthday. I wish we could relive the whole weekend. Friday morning started with a little relaxing while I worked. Coop lounged like this for a bit. It made me laugh.

Gosh, I love this kid. He has got to be the happiest baby.

After some snuggles, we knocked out a little work. I can’t believe my fall semester starts the week after next. I am beginning year three of my job, which also seems crazy. I feel like I just started working for the university. Time really does fly!

I love when he smiles in his sleep.

I had a trail run on the schedule for this weekend and was so excited. I had not been on trail since April 2021, which I cannot believe. It has been so long since I used nutrition during runs, I don’t really remember what all it takes to prep for a long run. I set everything out so I could double check what I would need.

I was in my jammies until Friday night. Coop napped on me while I cleaned up around the house, then we got dressed and ready to go to dinner.

It felt good to put real clothes on.

We went to La Paloma with Britney and Jonathan and had the best time! Coop loved getting to snuggle Britney.

We didn’t do too much Saturday morning, but we headed out for dinner later that night. Jake wanted Bambino’s, so we grabbed a beer from Great Escape while we waited for a table.

Sunday morning started with some trail time!! It takes a little extra planning to get ready to run trail since neither of us can push the stroller on the trails. Jake had a four hour run and I had a two hour run. Jake started really early and got about two hours of his own run in on trail before Cooper and I met him. Jake then hit the road and pushed Cooper in the stroller while I ran trail. It was seriously the best morning.

I called Jake a little halfway through my run and he said he had just run out of water, so I grabbed two of his bottles and ran out to the road to deliver some water to him. I ran with him and Coop for a little bit, which was so nice.

Little man got hungry about 90 minutes into my run, so I took a little break to feed him while Jake ran a little bit more, then we switched off again.

Jake ended up with 20 miles for the day, which is so impressive to me, and I got almost 10 miles. I think I smiled the entire time I was running. It felt so good to be back on trail. I am so sore this morning!

After our runs, we met my mom at Brew Co for Jake’s birthday lunch.

After lunch, we all came home to take a nap, but little man was not about it, so he and I got up and let Jake snooze for a little bit. Cooper also spit up all over me while I was having a snack…

Then we got ready to meet Jake’s family for dinner. Jake and I wore the new shirts I got. HA! These are maybe my new favorite shirts.

Coop loves his Aunt Chelsea!

My two favorite boys.


I hit the jackpot with these cool peeps.

Happy birthday to the best husband and daddy in the whole world!! We love you, Jacob Ray!

Happy Monday, friends!

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