He needs a swing + back to work + 6 whole months!

Monday morning, Jake’s sister watched Coop for a few hours while I worked on school stuff. I got so much finished! Then we headed out to meet my mom, sister, and niece at an indoor play gym. Little man LOVED it.

I also discovered that we need to get a swing for our house. Coop loved swinging.

It was such a fun afternoon watching him explore and play.

He fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. He had a death grip on Sophie while he snoozed.

This kid loves his puppies. Lu is still in her kennel for another month, but her leg is healing perfectly and our vet thinks she’ll be back to normal after this last month of restricted activity.

Dinner Monday night was one of my favorites, bacon wrapped chicken dipped in brown sugar and chili powder. YUM.

We were up early Tuesday morning to knock out my run before our busy day. Pre-run essentials – nursing right before I start so my boobs aren’t full of milk.

He loves running with us and being outside.

I had a tempo workout and ended with about 7 miles for the day.

This kid fell asleep about 10 minutes into my run with Sophie‘s leg in his mouth.

Lunch was leftover bacon wrapped chicken with rice and veggies.

I had my first work meeting yesterday. It was about three hours long…what a way to kick off the new school year. Ha!

My mom watched Coop for the first hour, then he hung out with me for the rest of the meeting.

I cannot believe this awesome dude is six months old. I do not know how it has already been half a year. He loves pretty much everything and is the happiest baby. He has been sleeping in his own room in his crib for a little over two weeks and is getting so strong. He is definitely the best thing in the whole world.

I have been craving sushi, so I finally had some last night for dinner. It hit the spot!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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