On the move + I love running + ready for tomorrow!

Coop and his chins love to send pictures like this his dad in the mornings.

We headed out for a recovery run Wednesday morning after knocking out a little bit of work. Coop took a little afternoon snooze while I ran.

I rocked my Trail Sisters hat. I am getting SO dang excited for the Trail Sisters half in less than three weeks. I. Cannot. Wait.

Two of my sweet babies. Coop loves his puppies.

This little dude loves to lounge like this in his Boppy.

I had another meeting yesterday, so we had a quick nursing session before I hopped on my computer.

Working mom life looks like this sometimes.

After my meeting, we headed outside to knock out my tempo run. Give this kid a water bottle and he’s ecstatic. My runs are feeling so good right now. Pushing the stroller definitely adds extra resistance, but I am starting to feel like I’m finding my groove again.

Goat cheese on veggies is one of my favorite things.

Coop is officially on the move. He is scooting backwards and can get places pretty quickly doing so. I found him like this yesterday. Ha! He was pretty pleased with himself.

We grabbed dinner with my parents last night and then snuggled before bedtime.

Electrolytes, water, and coffee…a breastfeeding mom‘s best friends.

I have a two hour run tomorrow morning, which will be my longest run yet. I am excited to see how it goes.

Happy Friday, friends!

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