Good runs+ bad runs + family time!

My run Wednesday wasn’t great. I had terrible cramps and did not feel like doing anything. Thankfully, I had a recovery run, so I told myself I could walk the whole thing if that’s all I felt like doing. I knew I’d feel better if I got outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Plus, this little dude loves being outside. He snoozed like this and it was adorable.

We did it! An hour of recovery miles. I ended up running about half of it, but I definitely felt better after getting out and doing something.

I love seeing his personality develop. He’s just the sweetest boy.

I felt WAY better Thursday, which I was thankful for. I had a tempo run and felt the strongest I have felt since getting back into running. I didn’t time my run very well and little man got pretty fussy toward the end of my run, so I called it quits before getting to my cool-down. I at least got the workout portion of my run in.

Then we got some good snuggles in before knocking out a little computer work.

Dr. Cooper Ray Bradley, reporting for duty.

My grandpatents from Florida are in town, so after grabbing lunch with my birth mom and running a few errands, we went to my parents’ to spend some time with family. Aunt Piper is very entertaining!

We are getting ready to start solids within the next few weeks, so I got a few new utensils for Coop. I ordered these from EzPz and I am so excited to use them.

Happy Friday, friends!

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